Hiya was diagnosed with cc in December2015 been going down hill again and was sent for mri and it has came back with something there I need biopsy I'm just wondering if I will bleed down below and if I will be sore I don't even know what kind of biopsy I'm getting I just know I'm getting put to sleep 

Hi Leanne 

you will probably be a bit tender and sore but I would imagine you will manage just fine with a Tylenol. I was a little off the day after being put to sleep and just tired. I would imagine you will have some blood and some clearish pinkish discharge for a day or so but a simple panty liner would probably be ok. It will depend on how big of an area they biopsy. Try to stay positive and not stress out too much. I know it's so hard but just keep your chin up. big hugs!!!!

I've had a punch biopsy before and was fine but I just don't know exactly as I haven't spoken to a doc as it was just the nurse I spoke to I just can't believe this is happening again but he ho I will fight it if it is