Biopsy without colposcopy???

Help I’m freeking out a little.
The history is long…
2019 -CiN1 removed with biopsy
2019 -CIN1 no further treatment
2019 -sterilised
2020 - normal smear
(A lot happened in my life and I neglected my health)
2023, been having a not terrible but nagging pain left side about 12 months, occasional bleed after sex but not enough to make me worry. One day it was very bad I went to the hospital I had a CT which showed migration of the clips used in sterilisation both not somewhere in my left side (so assumed the minor ache was related)
My GP started investigations because I’ve not been feeling myself I have ptsd it’s been rough lately ect. She did some routine bloods, then called me in for more bloods, then called me in for a pelvic exam to see if she could feel the illusive clips & take my smear as it’s late. I went in for the appointment she did and internal exam, speculum ect. She then tells me she’s referring me via the suspected cancer pathway to gyny as she’s seen a purple area on the right side of my cervix and red patches on the left.
I went to the urgent appointment yesterday, the doctor asked me about symptoms and the proceeded to explain he expected I had endometriosis and because I had a lot of children (5) I didn’t really notice untill now he even asked me if I would want to be treated with hormones if that was the case. I said no as it’s not really bothering me and actually I only went to the GP because I was struggling with my ptsd it just so happened that she asked about the pain and then here we are.
So anyways he does a speculm and his whole demeanour changed. He was like actually I need to do a biopsy. The nurse literally runs out of the room to get the tools and he goes ahead and just takes a biopsy. Says very little afterwards and tells me I’ll have the results in 3/4weeks.
He said there was a large area of ectrosion or something like that and it was quite sever.
Could this still be endometriosis? Or should I be more worried? Has anyone ever had them take a biopsy without doing a colposcopy??

Hi Natalie4,

Hope you’re doing ok. You’re very lucky you are being seen very quickly & that you didn’t have to wait for a colposcopy appointment.

It’s not happened to me but I do know that GP’s can take biopsies if they see things of concern there and then so I don’t think it’s out of the ordinary!

Hopefully your results come through quick & you know what you’re dealing with!

Good Luck

Hi Thankyou for your reply, I’m doing ok. Sore and had some bleeding but doing ok.
Im glad you told me they can just take biopsies like that but I’m just more worried that it’s cancer because he did the biopsy like he did suspect endometriosis untill he saw my cervix and then decided maybe not and did the biopsy or did he do the biopsy to confirm it’s endometriosis?
I wasn’t all that worried up untill him switching & then taking a biopsy and obviously once you come away you over think it don’t you. I’ve been booked in for a pelvic ultrasound also. But I have to wait two weeks from the biopsy to have the internal scan. I didnt have any of this last time i just went for my smear and the nurse saw area of concern so referred me to colposcopy who removed the area of concern with a biopsy. I was HPV negative and the changes were CIN1 so no further treatment. I was kind of expecting a similar thing this time but it’s been very different. (I should note I am also autistic so I don’t deal with change very well) xx

Having waited 3 months for my initial smear results and now being 5 weeks into my wait for the results of my colposcopy, the only piece of advice I can give you is there is absolutely no point in thinking about the what ifs, the worrying etc because even coming on here you realise that we all have such different stories and experiences and very different outcomes so I would just tick off each day as a day closer to knowing what’s going on and in the meantime just do your best to pretend it isn’t happening. Prepare for the worst & hope for the best! X

That’s beautiful advice Thankyou.
I’m trying to just forget about it now untill the results come in. I’ve got my son’s birthday in a week and then Xmas. I’m hoping if it’s not great news it’s after Xmas when I find out if it’s good news then as soon as possible would be great haha!
I’m going back to the gym today just light tho I know that will help me feel better and there’s plenty of Xmas prep to keep my mind occupied. I’m praying for a positive outcome for you also!
Sounds like you’re coping very well! Xxx

Part of me is annoyed that this is all happening around Christmas because I’m not sure I can fully relax but at the same time there are a lot of distractions…

Keep in touch & good luck!

Yeah I get that, I kinda of don’t wanna know unless it’s completely clear till after Xmas because that way I can ignore it. Physically I’m feeling a lot better from the biopsies. So now it’s abit like out of sight out of mind. Everyone around me that knows is kinda freeking out but I’m just like ain’t nothing I can do about any of it now and whatever it is hasn’t just appeared it’s been resident a while so a few more weeks won’t hurt nothing so by that logic screw it what will be will be and I’ll face whatever it is whenever it happens. Me and my family have been through so much in the last well lifetime and we’ve come too far in the last 18 months for us to have this ruin Xmas. It does cross my mind from time to time but then I remind myself of the above logic and just go back to ignoring it. I’m sure this is a very unhealthy way of coping but it’s coping all the same. Sending you lots of positive energy I really hope you get your results and you’re all good so you can fully enjoy Xmas. Xxx

That resonates with me a lot. I haven’t told anyone because my attitude is don’t worry people until there is something to worry about. It’s funny how people cope differently but like I say, we don’t know anything until we know anything so every question and every answer is just complete speculation and we’re all just here to make everyone try and feel a bit better & definitely less alone. Every day is a new day & we’re fine until we’re not x