Biopsy when pregnant

Hi all, 

Just after some reassurance I suppose, or advice, or anything really! 

I am 29 and pregnant. During my first midwife appointment at 12 weeks I was offered a smear. I had my first smear at 25 and missed the one at 28. The results came back abnormal and I then had a colposcopy at 18 weeks. During the colposcopy I could see my cervix and two large patches of white cells that had a distinctive look to them. The doctor said that she would have to take some biopsies even though I was initially told that this wouldn't happen unless it looked severe as I am pregnant. 

She took two biopsies and now I am in this wait for the results. I am really worried that it is something because of what I saw and having searched online (stupid I know) and then with the added complication of being pregnant... 


Anyone else pregnant with this kind of result? 




Hi emilia i didn't want to read and not comment im not pregnant but I had my colposcopy on the 26th of Feb i to had to have a biopsy done i never got told I would need one I looked at the screen for a split second as I was so very nervous and I to had a big white area patch i have a one year old and absolutely no one said I needed a 6 weeks check up I didn't even no I had to have one as my eldest is 14 and a lot has changed since then and a big age gap between them so I felt very let down as this could of been picked up then i just wanted you to no that your not on your own read the forum there is lady's on there with similar to what your going through i just wanted you to no I to had a big white patch and I'm waiting on my results it's been 2 weeks now and I'm scared of the postman coming every day I really hope you come out of this positive and congratulations on the pregnancy x

I'm 21 weeks pregnant. I have had abnormal paps for 6 years and my last pap at 16 weeks came back abnormal. I have had a lot of spotting and vaginal infection symptoms with all tests coming up negative except I'm positive for hpv. We decided i needed to get a colposcopy. Finally got in this morning and he immediately saw areas of concern so he took a biopsy. I was told as well since I'm pregnant a punch biopsy would only be taken if necessary. I am experiencing a lot of cramps and discomfort and spotting now. I think the benefits of getting a biopsy done in pregnancy outway the risks.