Biopsy wait

I have joined after spending two weeks reading these forums.

I recently had some gynae surgery for a rectocele, they also inserted a mirena via hysteroscopy during the surgery.
I received a letter that was sent to my gp that said they had taken cervical biopsies at the time of surgery as my cervix appeared abnormal.
Nobody told me they had taken the samples I was just sent home saying my surgery had been successful.

I am a 36 year old mother of 6. I have barely slept since getting this letter, and I’m told these biopsies can take 8 weeks to get the results.

After so much research I’m starting to worry because I have been going to the doctors for 3 years with really heavy bleeding, back and pelvis pain, and recurrent uti among other issue and I have been well an truly fobbed off this whole time.

How likely is it that the abnormal appearance is cancer?
Do biopsies really take 6-8 weeks?
The man that did my surgery is a world class gynae surgeon, I waited 15months for this surgery because he’s been off teaching all over the world… so now I’m thinking if he said it looks abnormal it must be.

Thanks for reading

Hello, please don’t think abnormal equals cancer you can have abnormal cells in the cervix and no cancer is actually the most common result, it can be CIN1 2 or 3 , if they find CIN or CGIN a Lletz will be the next treatment or if is just CIN 1 they may decide to wait for 6 months as abnormalities ,CIn, can go back to normal without treatment. My advice would be not to go to worst case scenario’s or Google as a lot of the information is outdated and absolutely negative and concentrated in worst case scenario .
Best information from JO website. And if you do end up needing a Lletz is extremely effective. Take care and let me know how you get on with your results

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@Nickey If they think you have cancer the biopsies are rushed and you get it back within a week or two. So I’m guessing because they didn’t rush them they weren’t super concerned. My biopsy results were rushed and back within a week because my cervix aparently didn’t look right and the abnormalities could be seen with the naked eye.

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Thank you! I needed to hear this! Will update asap! X

Thank you! That eases my mind a lot! I think it’s more the shock of not being told just receiving a letter I was cc’d in on put the fear of god into me x

My smear in February was clear, it’s just the consultant noticed “irregular appearance” when putting my coil in

Then stay positive that is very good news that in February all was good

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