Biopsy : Vulva : Abnormal cells

Oct 2019 : Smear Test: Abnormal result
Nov 2019: : Benign Endocervical Polyp. No abnormal cells
Jan 2021: Smear during colposcopy appointment: Low Grade ( mildly abnormal) with some High Risk HPV
30th April 2022: High Risk HPV Positive and moderate changes.
17th May 2022: No abnormal cells. The discrepancy with my last smear result. ( has it changed from mildly abnormal ( Jan 2021) to no abnormal?
15th Nov 2022 : Colposcopy: still showed some high risk HPV. The biopsy taken from the vulva did show some abnormal cells .I have an appointment in March 2023 to discuss this with the Colposcopist. I am worried. Any help please?