biopsy vs lletz testing

First, a bit of background.


I first started getting smear tests when I was 17 after some abnormal bleeding after sex. I have them most years, though I've moved a lot and so I missed a few. I always get abnormal results, and once when I was younger I was referred to colposcopy and had a punch biopsy, which from memory came back fine.

I am now nearing my 31st birthday. I have had another abnormal smear in Sept, but this is the first time since I was younger that I've been referred back to colposcopy. They did another biopsy which showed CIN3, and a month later I've just had the Lletz procedure.

The doctor showed me the sample, which looked to me to be most of an inch in size. 

My question is - is it possible for cancer to show when testing the Lletz sample if it didn't show in the biopsy? Or am I worrying over nothing? 

I think it is possible but not likely and if it was it would be very early stage. 
I would ring the helpline or maybe ' ask an expert'.

I don't think you need to be too worried. I think if they see anything concerning they have to tell you straight away 

That makes sense. I guess they test the Lletz tissue just to be sure but it is a little unnerving because you do worry they may have missed something with the punch biopsy, especially seeing as I've had so many abnormal smears.


Hopefully this Lletz procedure will basically be the end of it.