biopsy tomorrow

hi again, I posted last week before my gynae appointment asking for advice. I'm asking the same again today as last week didn't go to plan. No biopsy was possible due to bleeding so I have been ordered back to day survey to have it done in theater. I was told I would only be a couple of hours but have now been told that this has changed and I will need packing and a catheter after.  Being in hospital is bad enough for me but to then be unlikely to be able to move around as and when I want will completly send me over the edge. I've been dealing with flooding and clots for months so this will be nothing new to me. I'm hoping I will be able to negotiate with the surgeon and just stay in for a few hours. I have no choice but to be home for school home time but I just hope that I can get him to see sense. I'm so nervous and scared right now that I just need to have a little control over a small part of what's happening to me. anyone else had experience of this and will to share and advise ??