Biopsy taken now called back but don't know why

Hi all,
New to this website and hoping you can advise me? I had an abnormal smear some years ago and a colposcopy, had a biopsy done and all was fine, advised by letter.
Had another colposcopy after further abnormal smear 4 weeks ago and was told they thought they removed all the cells and we’re going to send them off for biopsy. Just had a call from the clinic to say I have to attend at 10am on Tuesday but that’s all she knew? Now postie just been and have a letter from them stating ‘we are pleased to offer you a further appointment for colposcopy examination/treatment’ and that it is ‘most important you keep this appointment’. It also says if I have my period on that day I will need to change the appointment.
Does anyone have any idea what all this means? To make things worse I am due on in the next few days and worried sick I will have to wait even longer.
I am also booked for a abdo scan and colonoscopy in the next week or so as Dr thinks something wrong in those regions.
Anyone had something similar?

Hi there, sorry no one got around to responding to your post I just wanted to say I hope your appointment went well and that things are a bit clearer now xxx