Biopsy showed CIN?

Hi all I'm looking for a bit of advice please, my smear test came back with changes to my cells so I had a colposcopy and biopsy and the Dr said she could see what my smear showed , her explanation of my cell cages were that mines were not low nor high so in the middle? Some explanation eh! Anyway got my results today and my letter says hat my biopsy showed CIN (abnormal cells, not cancer) and I've to go back to the clinic for treatment and that was it ! Nothing about what grade or what treatment so I'm not very happy lol , what I wanted to ask was I take it when it says not cancer that it's 100% not cancer ? I mean I'm not going to go for treatment to have more tests to later find out that it is, I guess I just wanted to know if I have anything to worry about at all if that makes sense , any advice would be greatly appreciated 




Sorry about the spelling mistakes , silly predictive text on this tablet! Lol 

Hi, sorry you've been left confused.

do you think you're treatment will be a lletz? That seems the next logical step, could be under GA or local anesthetic, and hopefully would get rid of all the nasties. Do you have a number you could call on Monday to get a bit of clarification?

Molly xx