Hi, quite new on here and sorry for posting so many questions; i was wondering if anyone had biopsy under sedation and if so, if this means that you are not able to feel anything or if it just means that you are just less aware of what is going on; i am absolutely terrified of this procedure, crying all the time and anxious at the thought of it, but since i may have to have it i am trying to find out more information; i'm also terrified of bleeding afterwards so wondered how long that lasts for and if anyone has dealt with it by using tampax and if so if this caused an infection, and also how long after this procedure you have to wait to have sex to be absolutely one hundred per cent sure that there will be no bleeding whatsoever, or if this is not possible to guarantee, sorry if i seem like a drama queen but this whole thing has just upset me beyond belief and it's been making me really really depressed and scared x

I didn't have anaesthetic for my biopsies but did take some ibuprofen an hour before the procedure for my first biopsy and my first lletx because I wasn't sure what it was going to be like.

If you use a painkiller before let the nurse know. Don't use any thing with aspirin in though.

I didn't bother with pain relief for the second two biopsies or second Lletz (they give you local anaesthetic for the Lletz).

I've found the biopsies to be similar to the smears, a bit uncomfortable but preferable to a filling at the dentists!

If you tell the nurse you are nervous she will talk to you throughout the procedure to take your mind off it.

Mine kept patting my knee throughout my first Lletz which I found really comforting.

I've had a rainbow weird coloured discharge after my procedures and now and again a little bit of bleeding.

I wait 4-6 weeks after procedures before ANYTHING goes up there, tampons or other things!

You can get pantyliners in all shapes and sizes.

They are a lot better than the ones I used as a teen before I braved tampons.

Take your own pad with you, the hospital issue ones are huge!

I made that mistake once and waddled out like a toddler in a nappy.

I always take the day off for procedures, rest and relaxation is a great healer!


Hi ilovemydog.

if you are having biopsies anyway honestly you may as well go ahead and have LLETZ. I actually bled more from my biopsies than my LLETZ because they cauterise the area so well afterwards. It doesn't hurt more either because of the local. I suspect you'll have to have LLETZ eventually anyway so I'd do it now rather than having two procedures.

unfortunately, you definitely can't use tampons. I never bled heavily, just some pinkish discharge.

good luck. 


It varies massively from person to person but I had orangey watery discharge for a few days (I think the solutions they use to see the cells) then light period like bleeding for a week, never a huge amount, never soaked through or leaked anywhere, which I had been worried about. I had a final 2 weeks of light spotting, tapering off to nothing by the end of the 4th week. Had a bath at 5 weeks, swam at 6, sex at 7. All good, all the same, all pretty damn nice after being off the cards for so long (bit like being on a diet and craving cake!) 

Anyway, I don't like tampons, I used them in my youth but I actually prefer towels and think they are much healthier for you. Tampons are more often made of bleached fibres which are then left to fester in your most precious place! You can get some really good, thin but absorbant pads (get the wings!) which are pretty discreet. By the end of the second week you will only need a panty liner. You can get all sorts of scented ones and ones with a clean wipe attached to each towel.

Take heart in the comments above from Pouty. I have only had the one LLETZ but it should be reassuring to you that she didn't take pain relief the second time as she knew she didn't need it. You might want some tablets at home as you can get some cramping a few days after, but not worse than normal period pains.  I also stocked up on chocolate and magazines, books and movies to keep my cheer on. You really will be so surprised how simple and quick it is. I know I now have the gift of hindsight. I agree about the dentist, which I always worry about but is never ever as bad as I think!

They say do one thing every day that scares you, once you have conquered this you will be amazed at your own strength.

Hoping to see your next post is a 'it wasn't so bad' post-LLETZ one :-)



Thank you all so much for your advice, really appreciate it xx

Hi Ilovemydog,

If it's affecting you this severely, you could ask for a GA. That way you could get it all dealt with (inc LLETZ) while you're asleep. Just a thought to consider. But also the health professionsals doing colposcopy are usually very nice, and if you let them know how anxious you are they will be aware and do their best to help you. Things like deep breathing and visualisation can help (ie imagine yourself somewhere nice like on a beach).

Afrer biopsies there usually isn't much blood (not that I've experienced anyway), more just the solutions that they apply to your cervix during the examination. You wouldn't need more than a regular pad or liner. I don't think tampons are recommended, well definitely not after LLETZ anyway due to infection risk and to allow things to heal. You should be given a leaflet by the hopsital with details of aftercare) ie how long to avoid sex for etc)

All the best to you x


Thank you Twilight for ur advice, really helpful to be able to get things straight in my head xx

It depends on what kind of biopsy are you having done (punch most likely? But could be Lletz, cone, etc). You do not need sedation for punch or lletz (Lletz depends on how much are they going to take away though). I had punch biopsy without any local anaesthetic and did not feel a thing, it was over in like 2 minutes. I bled for about a week after (bright red blood, then spotting). I also had Llletz done twice, under local A, both times i did not feel a thing (not even the injections) and it was over in 5 minutes. I was absolutely fine afterwards too, with bit of discharge for about 3-4 weeks. You should not use tampons/have sex for about a week after the punch B and 4-6 weeks after Lletz. As for future use of tampons, there are organic ones too (cotton is derived from a plant). Good luck and please do not worry about anything, it really is not as bad as it may sound :)))

Thanks Evie x yes i just recently started using the organic ones; can't be good to keep sticking bleach up there! Thanks for the reassurance x

I had my colposcopy & all the other treatment that was needed on a 'see & treat' basis under general anaesthetic - so, for anyone googling anxiously, I just wanted to add this post so you could be reassured that it is possible. I requested sedation but the consultant preferred GA - I don't think you stay still enough under sedation. We all have different histories & things we can cope with & I was so relieved this option was available to me.