Biopsy results

Hi ladies,

When did you all receive your biopsy results following your colposcopy?
I only went on last Friday but feeling so anxious. My consultant advised me that she was being conservative hence the biopsy. She applied the solution to the cells and she said they took a while to turn white but when they did they properly did! So not sure why she didn’t do treatment there and then bit confused as in the meeting beforehand she made it sound like she was going to.
Sorry for the rambling post.


I had my biopsys taken on the 26th Jan and got my result's on the 9th Feb... Waiting is so so hard! My results are cn2 and I am currently waiting on an appointment to have it removed but personal choice I'm having it done asleep. I've heard of people having treatment on the day too, but not sure why we didn't?!

Lots of love & try not to worry.

Charlie xxx




I have heard of them doing it on the same day but my story has been ongoing since August - that was my first appointment. Ive recently had my Lletz procedure (around 6 weeks after my biospy) and had my results yesterday (3 and a half weeks after surgery). Waiting is really hard!!! :( x