Biopsy Results

Hi All 

I had a smear in March after contracting HPV through genital warts - not a pleasent experience.  The smear and HPV test I paid privately for as I was concerned following lots of research online.  My smear was normal but HR HPV was found type 16 and another subtype.

I had a colposcopy on April 14th again privately and my results have come back today as showing CIN1 changes due to the HPV infection which my consultant said was all he could see.   He would like to see me again in 6 months for a smear and colposcopy - as much as I know I shouldnt I still feel anxious by all of this and worried I wont be able to put it to the back of my mind for 6 months. 

I hope through taking daily vitmain supplements, staying healthy and being a non smoker will help my get rid of this virus.  I am 31 so hope my immune system can kick in and help.

Thanks for reading, this forum is so good.

Gemma xx