Biopsy results


I'm new to this forum and was looking for advice/reassurance.

I had my smear in April and the results came back as mild borderline changes and positive HPV. I was referred for a colposcopy which I had on May 31st. The nurse said she could see an area of abnormality and took a punch biopsy.

Yesterday (27/06/14) I received my results which said that the biopsy 'confirmed' some high grade abnormalities and that they would like to see me back in clinic on Aug 15th for some treatment. My first concern is that I'm being left 7 weeks before having treatment, meaning it will have been 11 weeks since my colposcopy. Secondly what does 'some' high grade abnormalities mean? Thirdly they say the biopsy 'confirmed' these high grade results like they expected the biopsy to show that but nothing was mentioned at the colposcopy about them thinking it'd be highgrade.


Hi. I'm new as you and still awaiting on biopsy results. Anxious is not enough to describe how I feel.

The high grade abnormalities mean most likely CIN2 or CIN3. Which are pre-cancerous cells and it's unlikely that they will have turned into cancer in 11 weeks - those changes can take years to happen. What they will most likely do is remove those cells under local anaesthetic and you will get asked to go back for repeat check in 6 months time.


If they had found cancer cells- you would have received a phone call from a consultant and you would be sped through the process of getting the scans and treatment.

It's very stressful time for you as we all understand from our own experiences. But I would take comfort in that  they will remove those cells and these are very rare to come back.

Thank you for your reply. I guess it's the waiting and not knowing that's the hard part. Had my smear back in April which only suggested borderline changes, then the biopsy said some high grade. Would of preferred them to have worded it better and told me the CIN. Now got to wait 7 weeks and then I guess another 6-8 weeks after the treatment for those results. I've just got married and I go on my honeymoon in 2 weeks, where we had planned to ttc. I've had very little information from the hosp and what I have had has been contradictory.