Biopsy results

Hi all sorry I'm new.


I have just received my colposcopy results, I had mild dyskariosis in my smear results and had biopsys taken at my colposcopy on the 22nd June. Results came today and I have CIN2 which has panicked me. I'm now awaiting an appointment for treatment. Has anyone had the same? Sorry I'm a panicker. Hope you all don't mind.


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I had CIN3 and LLETZ. It is paniking but the proced was painless and my specialist just chatted away like we were having coffee. 

Easier said and done but just ask lots of questions xx

Hiya I had my treatment straight away without him even doing the colposcopy first! Oh my god I felt sick to My stomach 

I wanted to cry

i was panicking but managed to hold it together 

throughout the whole thing it was quite uncomfortable as you would expect but over very quick and after I thought "wow that was not as bad as I thought it would be!"

it was not painful at all. Just uncomfortable

the anaestetic didnt hurt either but it did have me feeling whoozy and my ears went funny 

will feel a bit battered inside after but wears off after a few hours 

overall though the whole thing was quite tolerable and I won't worry about it if I should need it agaiN

i can't tell you how scared I was I really can't! And it was THAT that made the process worse for me IMO but as I say now I know... its the unknown thats the worst part! 

I've been told cin2 also and awaiting lletz treatment date. My dr was lovely and eased my fears of risks to pregnancy later in life... I've read some horror stuff on here! Well she said there is no need to worry as cin2 they won't take that much away. If I have to have repeated treatment or cin 3 risk increases of preterm labour or miscarriage. She said years ago they used to take a lot more cells to be safe but technol today and understanding etc means they can be more precise and won't take so much. 

If you know you are a panicker, maybe ask the doctor or your general physician for a xanax or similar before procedure. I have an RX for clonapin for flying anyway and asked doctor if I could take it before this. I  took 1 about an hour before my treatment. It helped so so much! Also helpful? Pre-downloaded videos of cute animals or my nieces doing adorable things.  I watched these on my phone during so I wouldn't think so much about what they were doing.