Biopsy results

Hi. New to this forum, I'm driving myself insane so after some advice. I had colposcopy on 4th April. She said at the time she could see abnormal cells then took 3 or 4 biopsies. I was told results would take 4 weeks. I then received a text message from the hospital (no letter or phonecall) on Thursday to tell me I have an appointment this Thursday 20th. I can't get hold of anyone due to bank holiday and from what I've read (on google) usually the quicker the results are back the worse the news is??? I can't think of anything else. I wondered if any one else had results back early what was the outcome? TIA

Hi vicky,

I had a colposcopy and biopsies 31St Jan and results on 10th Feb after they told me four weeks. It all depends on queues in the lab, The hospital, the doctor, if it needs to go to a team to discuss. I have had a LLETZ (28/3) delayed because I went on hol and they said four weeks which has been three weeks today. My first results were within ten days these are taking longer. Don't read too much into it but I know it's hard not to worry. Good luck.


Hi Vicky,

I had my punch biopsy results back within a week, too. When I went back for treatment a few weeks later, the health clinician said they've been getting lab results back faster than usual so, as has already been said, the queues might just be a little smaller in your area. If so, there will naturally be a faster turn-around time for all biopsies. It doesn't necessarily mean bad news. :)

All the best! 


Hi, I had my results back after having Lettz for C2 abnormalities. My results came back today ( took 3 weeks ! ) It said all is ok and Lettz operation removed the abnormalities. Though it said, ' your biopsy during the Lettz confirmed a C1 abnormality, but this has all been removed. I was told from the outset and have in letters I had C2 so I am confused to why the letter now says C1 though all has bene removed ?! Confusing I know, hope this is making sense ! 

Hi Josie,

I think it's quite common for varying degrees of CIN to be present on the cervix at any one time. My understanding is that they represent the stages of progression in abnormal cells. Perhaps there was a CIN II lesion visible at colposcopy, but analysis of the tissue removed during the LLETZ revealed CIN I instead (which could suggest that the dysplasia wasn't as deep as initially thought). I'm definitely not a medical person, though, so don't take my word for it! If it's any reassurance, I have seen other posts/histories from around this forum where ladies state their LLETZ biopsy results showed CIN being a grade or so lower than the original cytology/colposcopy findings.

Either way, that's fantastic that all of the abnormal cells have been excised. If you're concerned about the mis-match in information, give the clinic a ring because maybe the consultant can help explain your results and shed a little more light as to why the CIN was seemingly downgraded?