Biopsy results worse again

Hello, so posting again for some advice. I’ve been hpv + for 3 years, borderline changes this year so sent for colposcopy, Dr said CIN2 so biopsy taken and just had a call from the hospital with the results and they have come back as CIN3. Going in Friday for treatment and they said its a large area so the consultant is going to have to do it.

I really worried about the treatment as the colposcopy and biopsy were really painful for me. Might have to go alone too as its so soon I don’t think I’ve got time to sort out childcare so my husband will have to stay home with our youngest.

I also now really stressed as everytime things keep going up a stage. I haven’t been overly concerned until now but as its got a bit worse again I’m now worried the results from lletz will be worse. Bit fed up now :frowning:

Hi @Buck

When I went for mine I had 2 nurses and the consultant in the room. Had plenty of support without the need to have any family or friends coming in.

In the end I had to have mine under GA due to risk of bleeding.

I took a week off afterwards from work but I know plenty of women on here who were back at work the following day.

Sorry to hear that it CIN3 progression. HPV and these cells are just a bag of suck.

Thanks so much for replying. I’ll be fine I know, it’s just horrible isn’t it. Like I say I haven’t been overly concerned but how can I go from borderline in June to CIN3 now. I know it could be worse but that’s why I’m worried now, if the LLETZ results come back worse then it’ll be cancer. Feel like a drama queen as its nothing major and I’m going in on friday but I’m just fed up now x

It’s horrible, scary and just plain sucky. You are utterly entitled to feel how you are feeling.

I went in for my LETZ being told I was borderline and the being told I had CC (I missed my smears over Covid)

It’s good that they’ve found the CIN3 and they can treat it but I absolutely get thinking how much worst can it possibly get now or in years to come.

Take heart. Still plenty of treatment options even if the worst case scenario happens (hugs)

Oh crap, borderline to CC I’m so sorry about that :pensive: I hope your treatment goes well. Xx


Hello I found the byopsy painful but Lletz absolutely painless because of the local anesthetic. Try not to overthink Lletz is super effective :ok_hand: and work’s for the great majority of women, also the chances of getting CC are also very low and it looks like they got yours on time, even CIN3 takes years to develop into CC in most cases and not always it develops to CC .Stay positive and good luck

Had the LLETZ today. Probably give it a 1 out of 5 on TripAdvisor haha! Not the best of mornings but it’s done now. Gotta wait a few weeks for those results then I’ll be done. Consultant wasn’t great, made me feel like he didnt have time to answer any questions he was just there to do a job.

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Hi, I had lletz on Wednesday under general anesthetic for Cin 3 and hpv. I had a large bleed and had to get stitches so had to stay over night. I also felt that the doctor didn’t want to answer any questions (not the same doctor that done the procedure though)
Just a waiting game now on results :sob:

Hi @IrishGal oh my word that sounds terrible, I hope you are feeling a bit better now. I really wasn’t impressed with my consultant, when I said the colposcopy and biopsy were very painful he sort of dismissed it. Then when I went into have it done he pointed at my ankle tattoo and said did that not hurt then!!! I asked a few questions and the nurses said he will go through all that after. After came and I sat down and he said, that’s all done have a good day :joy: Taking it as a good sign that he didn’t have much to say :rofl::rofl:

How are you doing now? Did they say how long it’ll take to get the results? When I asked he said, well I’m not sure, not too long really but it is the summer holidays and we do let the pathologists have time off!!! Great answer lol xx

Have only just seen this but am really annoyed on your behalf re ankle tattoo comment. Mine was a w⚓ as well. Makes a horrid situation infinitely worse. X