Biopsy results today!

So I got my biopsy results in the post. It just says it showed some pre cancerous changes that need treatment and I've been booked in for the 2nd March. What I don't know is:


How do I find out what CIN it is? There is no mention of this? Will my GP know? (I have an unrelated doctors appt next week would it be worth asking her?) 

My appointment this time is with a nurse, the first time it was a consultant. Is this risky? I know they know what they're doing but I feel like I've been given a lower priority? Or maybe that's a good thing as it's not as bad? 

I'm hoping it's just a straightforward lletz treatment, I hope they don't look up there and see something they weren't expecting! Just want this to be over now! 

Hi Littlecat :-)

I am quite sure that at some point along the way you will be told which CIN it is, especially if you just ask. It is sounding very much as though it's a straightforward LLETZ you have been booked in for and I doubt very much that they will find any big surprises down there if you have already an colposcopy and biopsies taken.

No, it isn't risky that your next appointment is with a nurse not the consultant, look at it this way; When you want to open a new bank account it is the bank manager who checks out all your paperwork and decides whether or not he trusts you enough to have an account at his bank. But once that has been done he is perfectly happy for the tellers to deal with you face-to-face. 

Be lucky :-)