Biopsy results...time...hate waiting !!!

I had my biopsy done 2 weeks ago just wondering how long you guys had to wait for your results the doctor said 4-6 weeks it just seems so long to wait …the doctor didnt tell me much when she did my colospcopy just that she cn see changes due to the hpv…my smear was low grade dyskarious…just hate this waiting game esp in the run up to christmas…:frowning:


the consultant who did my colposcopy said 4 weeks, and it was pretty much exactly that, to the day. So you will probably have to wait another couple of weeks, I'm afraid!




I also waited about 4-5 weeks and then a little more after that to get the treatment date sorted.  Your GP might have the results sooner - I was at the doctors about asthma about week/2 weeks after and he had the results and was able to confirm that treatme was required.  

I had my colppscopy weds after gp and gynae finding visible  changes to cervix as well as 4 months of bleeding before and after birth of baby boy. I have been told I have a malignant mass and that biopsy results to confirm what type should be back within a week. Also having MRI and CT to stage next week too. 

I was initially told 4-6 weeks but I assume cos of mass and symptoms they are putting a rush on so please try not to worry. as they say no news is good news hopefully! Try and distract yourself with lots of nice things! xxx