Biopsy results - some questions!

Hi all, am new to this group, but reading everyone’s posts and experiences has really helped to explain things to me! Though I still have some more questions if anyone out there could please help?? Had borderline abnormal smear last summer with high risk hpv - went for colposcopy last July and it seems the cells had gone back to normal. Just had my second colposcopy Wednesday last week and the coloscopist said there were loads of abnormal cells and took 3 punch biopsies I am now waiting for results… My questions are:

How do I get results? It says on this site by letter in 4 weeks, unless gp suspects cancer then it will be telephone call earlier in 2 to 3 weeks (I am in uk)

Also, as colposcopy was clear 6 months ago is it only possible for outcome to be cin1 as nothing picked up last time or is it possible to come back as cin2 or cin3

The coloscopist mentioned that if biopsy suggests treatment needed it would be under GA … Is that normal?

I have experienced strange symptoms for a very long time, main one being lower back pain- can I ask, in the case of cc is it more a pain or an ache?

Sorry for all questions!! I just prefer to get as much info as possible, it’s all very confusing xx

hi there Pip123!

i just went through this... and i got myself all anxious about it over christmas, when i really shouldn't!

had moderate abnormality on initial smear test, so went for colposcopy on the 4th dec, got my letter on the 6th jan... and just had to go in 5 days ago for the LEEP procedure.

answers to your questions - 

yes you will get a letter in 4- 6 weeks with an appointment for Leep procedure most likly, unless in the very rare occasion they are more worried. (this would be very unlikely as they wouldve picked this up earlier, these things take time to develop, a long time)

i was panicking my phone was going to ring for about 3 weeks! so you're not alone in getting worried.

my good friend had cin1, they left it, then next check up cin2, they left it (not deemed enough to do LEEP, as these can change back to normal alone
..then when she moved up to cin3 natuarally they interveined and she had Leep...this gradual rise happened over the period of 2 years... just so its clear, i was on cin 2/3 on my first smear and the doctors gave me Leep cell removal last week, but you must understand this is a prevention for some cells that may or may not eventually (in 5 - 20 years doctor said) turn cancerous.... its prevention, not cure, its a wonderfully advanced screening system we should be extreamely grateful to receive for free in the UK.

try not to worry, i worried myself sick and it sounds to me that you have nothing to worry about.

let me know if you have any more questions!




Hi albertine thank you for your reply and support it really is horrible waiting isn't it? I'm not feeling too good either which doesn't help to curb the worry... Really hope your lletz went well, have you received any results yet? Xx