Biopsy results show CIN2 and I need LLETZ- I don't know what to think??

Hi All

I am new here. I had a biopsy a few weeks back and the results are in as CIN2 and in need of LLETZ. If I'm honest folks I don't know what to think. I don't think I fully understand. Weirdly, my biggest worry is that I am currently in the final stages of getting a new job, career if you like, and I need to be passed as fit. How has LLETZ affected people? What happens next? 

Im aware I'm not really asking anything, but I'm feeling a little lost. 

None of this was ever explained at the colposcopy, who am I kidding the colposcopy wasnt explained at the colposcopy. So now I'm not really sure what anything means, and I daren't google, thats never a good plan!


Sorry for rambling  




Hi bex, firstly I'd say it's good news in a way, the fact is that they suspect cin2 and they want to remove it all with a lletz. Once that is done you will be monitored to ensure the bad cells don't return. secondly, the lletz in my personal experience is easier than the colposcopy and biopsy, the only thing that is really different is the recovery bit. After your lletz you will have to wear pads for around 4 weeks, new job shouldn't be effected. I'd advise taking the day off to have your lletz. But it's possible to go back to work the next day. im one of the lucky ones who didn't really bleed after my lletz, so I know some girls will read this and think "you will need a few days off" everyone is different. Friday would be a good day to have it done if you don't want to take too much time off. My advice is take a scarf with you, spray it with a nice familiar smell, when i had my lletz I put it over my face as I read you can smell the burning tissue.. Yuk. But I'm happy to say I didn't, and it was over in minutes. You get your results around 4 weeks later. Then checked again with a smear after 6 months, then if smear is ok you go back to 3 year smears. Xx good luck xx

Hey, I had my lletz at about 10am and took the rest of the day off, I went back to work the next day but was very tired for a few days. Mine was on a Monday so not ideal as had the whole week ahead. But it wasn't too bad and manageable. I started a new job two weeks before I found out about my abnormal cells so I know how you feel there! Work were very understanding luckily.  At the end of the day,your health comes first and you just have to do what you have to do and work around it as best you can. 

CIN2 is moderate changes to your cells.  Which they will usually remove. I had severe changes so mine were removed. Moderate and severe are just less likely to go back to normal on the own than mild changes so they treat them with the lletz procedure. The procedure itself wasn't bad at all for me, it was all over and done with in 20 mins. I almost felt I could go into work after it but they advised just to rest for the day. Another day off would've helped but like you I didn't want it to get in the way if work too much. 

If you're feeling as though you're not sure what's going on I'd suggest using the ask the panel message board on here or calling the helpline. They are really helpful and know what they are talking about.xx

2012 - first smear. Normal

Aug 2015 - abnormal smear, severe dyskaryosis. Loop excision.

Sept 2015 - results back, CIN 1,2,3 confirmed. All removed and no cancerous cells. Back in 6 months for smear.


Just wanted to send my love. It's rubbish isn't it! I found lletz much less traumatic than colp and biopsies. The only thing to watch out for is not to overdo it on things like heavy lifting. It's not uncommon to get infection after which isn't particularly pleasant but easily treated with antibiotics. So I reckon you could get away with having 1 or 2 days off work so long as you just take it easy. I found the emotional stress more difficult than the physical stress which is why this website is so good, it helps with the emotional side a lot as I'm sure you'll find. Good luck with the next bit and the new job xxx

Thank you for all your replies. I have my appointment for the procedure. It's this Friday coming. I'll let you know how I get on.