Biopsy Results received!

Hello, everyone!

I’ve made a few posts here since joining and everyone has been so amazing with advice and words of support, it’s truly helped me so much.

I had my colposcopy with 2 biopsies taken last Monday (Pap smear results were HSIL) and just received a call from my doctors nurse as he is out of town. Biopsy showed my abnormal cells at a level 2 and I have an appointment in a few weeks to meet with him to discuss LEEP procedure.

I just wanted to come on and post my results as I was extremely nervous that I would be told I had CC or that things were very severe. I have such bad anxiety already as it is that this whole ordeal had me thinking the worst possible outcome for myself. So from someone who understands what it feels like to be terrified, anxious, worried sick, and just a complete mess- I hope this can possibly be a nice reminder for those still waiting that things are usually not as bad as we think they will be. While I do have to have the LEEP/LLETZ done, I’m thankful these types of procedures are even available so that we don’t have to worry long term what abnormal cells could possibly lead to. It truly is a blessing as is this forum!


I also wanted to add for anyone else who sees anything talking about the “p16” testing on their lab report- I really got myself in a tiffy after seeing that and automatically thinking it meant something related to cancer. Called my doctors office but of course had to leave a message. I did some googling and it appears to just be another marker to check for HR HPV I think, so as to double check that the lesion is caused by the HPV infection so to speak? I could be wrong…

I really wish these lab reports were written for normal people to understand or provided some sort of detailed explanation along with what’s written inside! It can be quite confusing can’t it?

Hi Jackie,

Wow, your results seem to have come pretty quickly! I am still waiting on my biopsy results and had my colposcopy 2 weeks ago today.

How are you feeling about your results? You sound pretty positive, and I’m glad that the wait is finally over for you and you can move on to the next steps. You’re so right - it’s amazing that from these routine checks, we are able to find out early about cell changes before they progress into something worse.

Keep us all updated on your procedure - have you had an appointment booked yet?

All the best :blush: x

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Hey! My results did come pretty quickly, I’m not sure where you are at in the world- I’m in the US/ Texas specifically and was told it would not take longer than 2 weeks for results but that the week mark is usually about how long results of any kind take to get back here. When I read of some people waiting 4-6 weeks I can not imagine honestly. I would be so anxious.

I’m feeling pretty good about the CIN2 considering I was expecting my results to automatically say I had cancer- I always expect the worst it’s so frustrating! I actually received my lab report posted online to my medical chart and as I started to read it became super confused/worried as I didn’t understand any of the medical terminology and thought everything I read must be code for cancerous findings. I had to Google a few things to try and get a better understanding and calm myself down.

The nurse who called me set up an appointment on the 19th of this month to meet with my doctor and discuss my results and the actual LEEP procedure itself. I’m assuming we will schedule another day to actually carry it out as that’s how things typically go here :slight_smile:

How are you feeling? I hope you get your results soon and it’s good news also!

Hi Jackie,

Wow, that’s amazing how quickly you got your results! I know what you mean about all these terminologies, they don’t make much sense and can sound a bit scary. I am a worrier as well, so I’ve thought of all the worst scenarios, but I’m hoping it won’t be too bad as the colposcopist couldn’t see anything “worrying” when he saw my cervix, and he thinks by looking at it with the naked eye, it could be CIN1 or CIN2 like you :slight_smile:

I’m in Wales, so I’m not sure what it’s like over here as I am reading a lot of posts from either England or the US.

Wishing you all the best for the 19th and I’m glad that your mind is more at ease now. I’ll let you know when I finally receive my results and hopefully it will be sooner than 6 weeks!

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Yes! The terminology is quite confusing and scary, I had to finally get off Google yesterday once I had my answer bc I can make myself sick with worry. At my colposcopy he said he didn’t see any sinister either which was such a blessing and gave me some relief while I waited for the actual
Biopsy results. I bet yours will come back CIN1 or 2 also :slight_smile: praying for you!

Can’t wait for you to get your results also and hear all about it! Please post once you find out and I will continue to share as well!

Hi everyone
I got my results today and no CC which is great but my biopsy showed it was cin3 rather than cin2. I’m so annoyed at myself for missing two smears ( that will never happen again!!!) but now I just feel like I have a ticking time bomb down there and although I’m happy about the first part, the weight has not really lifted off my shoulders. Is it normal to feel like this or am I just being really stupid.
Hope everyone is doing well xx

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Don’t be annoyed with yourself. I’ve kept up with my smears every three years and I still got CIN3 changes. I went for my routine test last November. I was shocked I had CIN3 changes as my smear test was normal three years previous. You might expect CIN1 or CIN2 changes but CIN3 changes and so quick. Have they discussed treatment options with you?

Hi, just see your post regarding your results,

I have recent been diagnosed with CIN III, I have been in today for my second procedure and biopsy as they didn’t get it all in the first. I’ve never missed a smear and went from a completely clear smear 3 years ago to CIN III this year, yet no symptoms or problems, I’ve also never had children and am currently single so it was a completely worth when I found out, and even now I’m still worrying as got to wait another 3-4 weeks from the results of today’s biopsy, which I may be over thinking but feel there is more to it than they have said as they got me in for this just over a week after my first results and have put it through as urgent, and when the consult and to see me after he last words was fingers crossed.

Have they discussed reenactment options or how you move forward from here.

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I bet you’re glad today is over. Hope you’re feeling ok after the procedure. Like you, I’m in my thirties and haven’t had kids yet. It’s all very stressful worrying about CIN3, the treatments and implications for future pregnancies. All of this worry and we kept up with our smear tests. It feels like you do your best looking after your health but sometimes it’s not enough and it’s completely out of your control. I hope today went well and it’s good news for you.

I just wanted to say I’m another one in my 30s (late 30s at that - 38) with no kids and a bunch of fears and hang-ups over that, especially being in a new-ish relationship which was unexpected after a loooooong time being single and resigning myself to that. It felt like such a kick in the teeth to finally find someone amazing and then have it spoiled by going through all this.

We’d only been together just barely three months when my smear came back low-grade abnormal. It’s now been eight months together and my biopsy just came back as CIN2. I’d never missed a smear or had any abnormality before.

I know CIN3 must feel like another level of worry on top of mine, but I just wanted to send good wishes and I say I get the feelings of why and what next. At least it is all in that bracket of still being not CC and there’s so much to be done to intervene. Hang in there!

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Yes I am glad it’s over, although i was ok about the procedure, it’s the not knowing what’s gonna happen next and waiting for the results that’s getting to me. Some Of the process prior to this has been a bit of a mess, as I hadnt had my results even when chasing but get a text message to say I had been booked in for a pre-op appointment 2 days later and had to wait 24 hours to speak to the consultant to find out what was going on, then he told me one thing and the next my appointment for surgery was brought forward by a week and consultant changed but I was not advised till I got a letter confirming my appointment and had to wait till the Monday to get answers.

Feeling ok, just some cramping but had enough of it as had it on and off since the first procedure nearly 2 months ago.

Yep totally agree do all the right things and its still not enough.

Have my fingers crossed for good news

Thank you, nice to know I’m not the only one feeling about things regarding children (not that I would want anyone else to feel like it), makes me feel a bit more normal if that makes sense.

Yes there is a lot they can do which I’m thankful for and do feel like they have been quick at getting my procedures booked in from first getting my smear results to now having the 2nd procedure, but it also makes me think is there something more there that they haven’t said till the get the results as in my eyes it’s been dealt with very quickly (I’m not saying that as it’s a bad thing)

Only time will tell, just need to try and keep busy and get though the next few weeks till my results are back.

Hope all is well with you.

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I have been discharged from gynaecology and told will need a smear in 6 months to make sure they got it all on the Lettz treatment. I’m such an anxious person as it is and it just feels really odd to be sent a letter stating cin3 but ‘hey see you in 6 months’ I’m 33 and just feel at a loose end. I know I’m lucky to have already had the lettz, I just wish they could check now to make sure it’s all gone. Very odd position to be in. I wish everyone of you the best of luck going forward!!! Thanks you for your responses, don’t really want to worry my partner as he will worry a lot so to have this forum means the world!! Xx

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My heart goes out to everyone here as I know it is scary and so confusing. For what it’s worth I’ve had a smear every single year since I was 19 and am now 32- also no kids yet but desperately wanted to start trying when all this started for me.

My last smear was delayed by maybe 6 months due to Covid restrictions but I had never had an abnormal Pap in my life. I’ve had 1 sex partner my whole life (husband) and we’ve been together 11 years and married for 7 years. I was also super upset at my HSIL result that the biopsy ended up showing as CIN2. But I was told by my doctor these things just happen sometimes and he’s seen it quite often- clear smears and then all the sudden high grade changes. It frightened me that things could progress so quickly but was assured by him saying he’s been doing this over 20 years and has only diagnosed ONE woman with CC and she hadn’t had any medical care at all (let alone a smear) in over 10 years. These cell changes are not cancer but COULD turn into them later on hence why they urgently take them out for us I think.

Nicola- I would surely hope that if your doctor had seen something else more sinister they would tell you and not simply wait for results to share your own medical information with you. I do get this thinking though, I have done it with myself multiple times. But it’s their job to treat you and let you know what they see/suspect. I think we get ahead of ourselves with the worry and fear and start to think the worst though.

I pray everyone waiting gets results soon and for those who have had LEEP for smooth recoveries and clear margins! This forum has been a true God send to me as well.


It’s coming up to my 6 month review post treatment for CIN 3 and I’m nervous. I have asked for a biopsy to be sure it’s gone but was told I’m only having a smear test at the colposcopy clinic and a HPV test. They told me if it comes back HPV negative I’ll be reviewed again in a few years. I’m looking at going private and getting screened yearly regardless of the outcome of my next appointment.

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Did you have to go private to get yearly smear tests? You’ve really been looking after yourself from such an early age, your first smear at 19. The cervical screening programme doesn’t even start that young here.

Im sure if anything had shown on the LLETZ they would have advised/got you back in and not just said to come back in 6 months.

I had LLETZ in May and the consultant was sure he had it all and that I wouldn’t need any further treatment just a smear in 6 months, it kinda put my mind at ease whilst waiting for the results, I was advised that should in 4 weeks but it was 6 weeks and that’s when I was told that they hadn’t got it all and need to have a further procedure at first it was going to be another LLETZ under general anaesthetic but then changed to cone biopsy. Now it’s just a waiting game for these results.

I am also glad for this forum as I don’t have many people to talk to about it and am trying not to tell my family the full ins and outs as I don’t want them to worry, it was only because of the general anaesthetic I had to tell them what’s been going on, up till that point I had kept it from them.

I totally get that about not wanting to feel like the only one and I get that two sides of being treated quickly - it’s good to not have to wait, but your mind questions why.

With mine, it could have been a few months between smear results and first colposcopy appointment, but it ended up only being two weeks, only because I got a cancellation. So I could be relieved because I was going out of my mind waiting and I knew I wasn’t being called early for any sinister reason.

Now I don’t really know if this is early or not, my next colposcopy will be less than three weeks after finding out the biopsy taken at the first one was CIN2. I don’t really know what’s normal, I keep hearing six months so I worry that this is early…

But I’m just trying to tell myself well, so what if they feel it needs seeing to quickly, at least it’s getting done and dealt with - it would be worse to feel it might be urgent and have to wait.

Something I got told is - and I struggled to let myself believe it, but I try to hold on to it at least a little and I hope you can too - medical professionals deal with this stuff all the time. They won’t give you false hope or try to hide bad news from you just to make things easier, so try not to worry that they know there’s something more. I get that’s easier to say than to do though and I have been doing the same myself - when the GP told me not to worry after my smear result, my reaction was well, a doctor’s hardly gonna say “Yup, panic, panic now, panic lots!” :rofl:


So the way it works in Texas (or it did at the time, not sure about now) is if you wanted to be prescribed birth control you HAD to have a yearly Pap smear done. So I started getting them yearly at that age in order to have my prescription renewed. I haven’t been on the pill now for about 5 years but still continued to have yearly smears as it’s covered by most insurance companies here as part of a “yearly well women’s exam” if you wish to have it done. However, I do know most people are advised they can go every 3 years with normal results if they wish. I’m also a hypochondriac so I made sure to go every year because it freaked me out if I didn’t lol