Biopsy results notification


First time posting on here...

I received a letter informing me of my abnormal smear; high grade dyskaryosis. I was booked in for a colposcopy 2 weeks later where I had 2 biopsies taken. Dr said he would send them off to the lab but would be booking me in for a cone biopsy anyway as I'll need some form of treatment. I received the letter a week later and I'm booked in for 12th June. 

Today I received a voice mail from the Dr's receptionist asking me to come in on Tuesday afternoon to discuss my results.  Not sure what to feel about this as he said they'd take 2-3 weeks to come back and now I have to go in. I don't want to over react but it's making me really anxious as I presumed they would just write to me especially as I'm booked in for treatment anyway. 

Just wondering how you were informed of your colposcopy? 

Thank you,  Danni x

Could it be that they just want to discuss what is involved with the cone biopsy in person with you? Do you have to have it done under general anaesthetic? It could just be a pre-assesment? 

Thanks for the reply. No, I received the pre-assessment date with the letter re my appointment on the 12th. I've opted for sedation as I'll come round quicker than GA. 

I suppose worrying about it won't change anything!