Biopsy results not matching the diagnosis... now got pelvic pain..


I had my Lletz treatment under general back in April where originally my smear was Cgin and high grade. When the biopsy results came back it was referred to MDT due to inconsistencies in lletz results to colposcopy and smear results.

Several months down the line I am having constant pelvic pain and a real offensive discharge smell that I'm sure other people can smell. Sorry for too much info.

I'm due back in November to have a follow up which will be 6 months test of cure recommended by the MDT

Can anyone help?? Xx


That sounds like an infection to me (disclaimer: not a doctor)

Get down to the GP for a swab and some antibiotics 

Thanks Julia will do. 

I agree with Julia, possible infection. Defo see your GP. I’m also not a doctor xxx

The swabs came back clear so not I'm stumped... guess it's one for the consultant when I go back next month to the colposcopy clinic