Biopsy results - irrational panic?

Hi all,

This is my second abnormal smear (I am 42) and needed to have a colposcopy and biopsy last week. Just received my biospy results which show CIN1-2 and that I need LLETZ treatment.


On the one hand I am pleased the results came through so quickly; they had said 4-5 weeks and the waiting was driving me crazy. On the other I don't know how to feel about them. The rational part of me is saying 'its not cancer, its not cancer' but there's a part of me that is really scared.

Is it normal to feel like this? I've read some of the forums and everyone seems so brave with what they are facing and going through and I feel a bit of an idiot to be making a drama of something that is so treatable?

I literally have just picked up the results (benefits of access to medical records but kind of wishing I had waited for the post!) so am sure I'll calm down and be able to think about it calmly soon.

Any advice/replies gratefully received

It is absolutely normal :). Any abnormal result is scary regardless of how treatable it is and it's natural to be concerned. That said, its great that you got your results so quickly and like you say cin1-2 is not cancer and is very treatable so try not to worry :). The lletz itself is fine and doesn't take long at all, I found the colposcopy alot worse. Maybe go with a list of questions of any concerns you have, I had lots I wanted to ask but my mind went completely blank when I got there! All the best and big hugs xxx

Hi ya, for irrational panic, please see all of my posts!! Click on the pink Kh27 to make yourself feel better! I have been a crazy person since my abnormal smear, got worse after the high grade Colpo diagnosis and had lletz today. None of this is very nice, I have been thinking the worse every step of the way and even though they reckon lletz 99% will not show cancer, I won't rest until those results and tbh, I will prob even worry then! Don't be too hard on yourself, it's hard and uncertain and you must handle it any way you can xxx


Agree agree agree!  I am the same - had Lletz for CIN3 two weeks ago today and my anxiety is through the roof!

I am 43 and keep thinking I am right in the age bracket for CC...

So please don't worry it is all normal and I am keeping everything crossed for all of us lovely ladies on this Forum