Biopsy Results IN

Post has been and delivered the dreaded letter!!

Biopsy shows CIN3 or Severe pre cancerous change…GREAT!!

As the area is small they gave me the option to leave for 6 months or have Lletz treatment…!!! As I cannot imagine waiting ANOTHER 6 months and then possibly being told it’s worse or grown, I am booked in on the 13th June for Lletz under local again!

So I am after any advice of how to get through this…as I had a panic attack last time! (Hence why they only took a biopsy)

Luckily I have an event this weekend to take my mind off it but 2 weeks seems ages away!!!

Could they give you something to help you relax? Big fat Xanax or something? Could they do it under a GA? I would press for something after your last experience and surely it makes it easier for them to complete the procedure.

Good luck.

I tried to have my LLETZ under local but nearly hit the ceiling when they tried to give me the LA injection, so my consultant said I should just have it under GA instead. Knowing that I have a phobia of anything medical anyway, she did offer GA from the outset. I was trying to avoid it as I thought the recovery time would be longer, but honestly I felt fine afterwards.

I think asking for a general is the way to go!

I am worried that if i ask for general, due to the small size, they will say leave 6months! But I will ring tomo and discuss with receptionist as doctor is on leave this week.

Did it take much longer under general? Or did you have to go in the same way as you would for local? 

To update, I rang receptionist and now have lletz booked under GA for 13th.....very relieved!

Hi there

Sorry I only just saw your earlier post asking about GA. You're right, it is 'longer' in that you have to be at the hospital quite early in the morning. I think I was the second person into theatre, at around 9am. Apparently you are only out for 15 mins or something, but you can't tell. I remember saying to the anaesthetist "oh that's wierd I can feel it cold going in" (the liquid they put in - i guess it's what they use to knock you out?) then the next I remember was waking up in recovery. They make you stick around until you've had a pee, I think because they put a catheter in while they are working on you and need to make sure your waterworks have gone back to normal operating procedure afterwards :-)

The nurse who looked after me in the hospital was brilliant too by the way. When I got a bit hysterical before going in, he calmed me down, brought me glass of water and joked about it being a shame he couldn't bring me a G&T. I was probably far from calm to be honest, but the staff were all really professional and know just how to reassure you when you're stressing out, without making you feel like an idiot!

They let me go home at around 11am. Bear in mind that if you've had a GA, you aren't supposed to drive and you should have someone with you for 24hrs afterwards. My mum came to pick me up and kept me company at home until Mr M got back from work. Oh yeah, and they'll give you a really sexy pair of compression stockings to wear for a couple of days :-)

I did feel a bit queasy for 1/2 hr or so when  I got home, but I think that was down to ma's crazy idea of driving home on all the little twisty back roads to avoid the traffic - I'm not a great passenger at the best of times, so it likely had nothing to do with the GA. Apart from that, I maybe felt slightly tired and occasionally a little light-headed during the couple of days afterwards, but nothing major,and certainly OK to work and do everything normally.

If you can stand the LA, I suppose you're out in 1/2hr and can drive yourself home, but there is just no way I could do it. If, heaven forbid, I ever have to have another bite of the LLETZ cherry, I will definitely be asking for GA again.

Good luck m'dear and hope it all goes well for you on the 13th. I found recovery quite fine, didn't have any pain though found it best to avoid lifting anything much as when I did I could feel a little twinge inside. I took  paracetomol and ibuprofen for a couple of days after the procedure, but didnt find that I needed anything after that.

Anything  else you want to ask, please shout and I will do my best to answer



Thanks Moggsy.

Made the appointment last week and went for pre op Friday, where I had to have more tests than normal as I also have a newly diagnosed heart murmur!

I was lucky that last weekend and Mon/Tue I had stuff to do and hubby was about! But since Wed I have barely slept, become quite stroppy (bitten heads off for no reason) and been driving people mad with the number of sleeps it is....currently 3 sleeps left! 

Hubby has minstrals ready for collecting me (after every GA I have ever had(4), I have woken up and asked for them!).

I have to be at hospital for 7.15 Mon!! But surgery doesn't commence until 8.30. 

Sending you love hugs and calming thoughts to get you through the weekend xxxx