Biopsy results how accurate?

Hi All,

Hoping you can help with your stories or link to where to find your stories.

Absnormal cells - 2016 - dr stated vagina had a cold? Thought nothing of it.

CIN 2 - in 2019

Clear smear - 2020 - no need to retest until 2023

Nov 2021 - Jan 2022 - Bled after sex randomly 4/5 times

March 2022 - Bled after sex

Rang GP advised smeer wasnt due to next year so to call back once I recieve a letter

May 2022 - Bled between periods

June 2022 - Bled between periods, Sciatica (pain to lower back and down leg)

July 2022 - Bled from the 23rd July - 6th September - light but fresh blood. Migrains which I have just before periods increased and now have every 2/3 days.

GP app - 20th August - STI test no smeer as wasnt due

STI test and BV test came back clear - put on 2 week pathway

13th September - Gyne app - did biopsy and internal scan - gave nothing away

Tired - no more than usual I am 34 mum of a 5 & 13 year old girls so I have been tired for 13 years, but have lost get up and go I suppose.

Lost weight been 75kg for as long as I can remember and have dropped to 69kg (nothing major but again no reason for it)

Today we recieved results that biopsy is negative and I’m now in a weird grey area of happy but bloody confused - symptoms still there.

So my question is if a biopsy says negative is that 100% no cancer because my body is telling me to get another opinion.

Any guideance would be appriciated.

Stef xx