Biopsy Results Glasgow?

Hi everyone,

Just a quick question to anyone based in Glasgow who have gone for a colposcopy recently and had a biopsy taken. How long did it take for the results to come back after your appointment?

I had 1 biopsy taken (for low grade changes) on the 22nd of January after a long 16 week wait for a colposcopy. I was told it would be 8 weeks for the results and this is currently my 8th week so I am anxiously waiting.

I know people in Glasgow will be able to sympathise with these long waiting times, it’s very frustrating. I had my smear test at the start of July last year and I still haven’t resolved this.

Any answers would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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In case anyone sees this later and is curious, I got my results back today, exactly 9 weeks post biopsy. The letter is dated from a week ago but must have taken a week to get here. My results were normal and I’ve been asked to go for another smear in a year from now, very relieved but annoyed it took 6 months of worrying to find this out!

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