Biopsy results don't match smear

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I have seen my doc today after my smear has been upgraded in the MDT meeting from moderate dyskariosis to severe dyskariosis, with results from two biopsies having shown no cancer and no pre-cancer, but an HPV infection. I am now being recommended to have LLETZ treatment. Is there anyone who had a similar experience of their smear not matching the biopsy results? My doc said she thought she had taken the biopsies from the affected area, however it could be possible that the changes are deeper in the glandular cells. She also says that is is unclear whether precancerous cells are present as during the colposcopy it "looked" as if it may possibly be CIN 2. I am now considering getting a second opinion abroad and maybe go private in the UK. Please do share any experiences as I really want to avoid being overtreated given that treatment carries various risks. I am now being booked in for LLETZ under GA as I am petrified.


Thank you for your responses and your concern! x

I'm in a similar position and can honestly say I'm so fed up from not sleeping & worrying for weeks! I had moderate dyskariosis early in the year & had a lletz in February which removed the cin2 with clear margins.
I had my 6 month follow up smear at the beginning of August & was referred back to colposcopy with severe dyskariosis. The consultant said he was going to do another lletz straight away. It all turned a bit strange as he said the iodine wasn't showing any abnormalities but he wondered if it was higher up & he went ahead with the lletz. It was so painful, much worse than the first time so I'm not sure what he did! 
To cut a long story short, I've been having stomach & back ache since and I just don't feel right! I chased the results just after 5 weeks & was told the letter was prepared & ready to send out saying because my lletz biopsy showed clear but the smear was severe changes I was going to be discussed in the MDT on Friday 10/10 & the consultant would write to me either the same day (Fri) or the Monday. As I hadn't heard last Friday I called to chase again & was told I should definitely hear by this Wednesday! That's 8 weeks since the lletz which i think is dreadful! I have worried about it the whole time & altho I'm assuming everything is ok as there isn't an urgency to let me know, I can't help but panic about what the letter is going to say! The problems I'm having might well be stress related & in my head but if I'm told i have to wait another 6 months for a follow up smear I think I might go back to my doctor for advise! 
I hope all goes well for you x

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Thanks for sharing your story, Mandrose. Given the lack of information and horrendous waiting times with the NHS, I have now decided to have a private smear (for the bargain price of 150 pounds). I just want to make sure that if I have treatment, it is necessary as I would be very unhappy to be overtreated and risk miscarriage and preterm delivery (I had a miscarriage before and don't have children yet, age 31).

I can very much sympathise with you - the waiting is just unbelievable. What I suggest you do is just keep pestering the receptionists/nurses as they will remember you and try to get rid of you by providing you the information needed quicker. Personally I was waiting for results before for four weeks, kept calling them so they sped up the process and let me pick up the letter personally rather than having to wait for the post. I guess that's the sort of thing we do, as we are desperate for information.

Do let us know how everything turns out for you. I have now had the confirmation that I am booked in for a LLETZ on 26/11 under GA. Let's see how that goes.