Biopsy results confused plz help

Hi all I have got my punch biopsy results back ( quiet quickly I may add ) and it says severe changes ? and booked in for loop 9th april that's all it says not anything like what cin or if I don't have cancer I'm just so worried and confused :( can't sleep and am also worried about treatment under ga as I suffer huge panic attacks 

Hiya those changes are CIN3 I would hazard at a guess 

there is no sign of cancer as they wouldn't of told you by letter and would of asked you in to discuss the results

please try not to worry I'm in the same position as yourself and I know how hard and distressing it is to get those results, 

CIN3 can become cancerous but it would take years and years and that's only an IF 

if you ever need a chat feel free to messege me hun



Hi Lola thanks has put my mind at rest a bit problem was I hadn't had a smear done for 13 yrs due to being housebound from panic attacks so I assumed I had left it so long in fact to long and thought I may have got cancer I also have hpv