Biopsy results - anxious

Feeling a little anxious. For some background, my mum passed away at 49 (5 years ago) to cervical cancer, so I’m already anxious about anything to do with the cervix!
I went to my gp with symptoms such as abnormal discharge, bleeding etc. reoccurring thrush. Anyways, I got sent for a colposcopy.
I wasn’t worried really during this. The consultant said I have a ectropion and that there was a few spots that were highlighted so he did several biopsies and sent them off.
I went for the results yesterday , he said I have HPV and the biopsy’s were pre cancerous cells and I should proceed to have treatment to burn them off. I just feel a little anxious as I don’t know much about this process. Can anyone help shed a little light?
Many thanks. X