Biopsy results after colposcopy

This is my first post on here.

Hi, so I had my smear done on December 28th and because of pains and irregular bleeding (which also happened while having the smear), the nurse spoke to me and made an appointment there and then for me to have an internal investigation with my doctor the following Monday because of symptoms I have been having.

I had my internal investigation (which was my first lol) and the doctor took swabs which were to be sent off to the labs. I was also booked in for an ultra sound on my womb because she could not see where the bleeding could come from.

I waited a week for the swab results and found out that I had HPV virus and abnormal cells, so the doctor then referred me to the hospital and I was booked in for a colposcopy in 6 weeks time.
I had my colposcopy done on February 24th and had biopsies taken because of the abnormal cells I have. The nurse also unexpectedly found that I have cervical ectropion (where the cells grow outside the cervix). I agreed for the nurse to take a biopsy of those cells to be sent away also. The nurse explained that those cells would have to be removed within the next 3 months and they in theory could be causing the irregular bleeding. So that was meant to be happening the end of May.

However after 4 weeks of waiting I had a letter through the post on March 22nd off the hospital saying that my colposcopy biopsy results show severe changes and that they would like to reassure me but need to see me sooner than expected and gave me a new appointment for May 3rd. The letter has no other details on it like what it is or the actual grade of the cells etc, so as you can imagine I cannot stop thinking about the letter and I am worrying already about it because it is so vague. I tried to ring up the hospital today to find out whether the appointment is just a consultation or if I am having a procedure done on the day but they weren’t helpful at all so I can’t even find that out. It also means that since my smear on December 28th, my cell grade has got worse in the last 3 months.

Has anyone had a letter like this before saying their biopsy results show severe changes with no other information but an appointment inside a letter?

Thanks for taking the time to read this if you have got this far.x


It is a very worrying time isn't it. I've spent the last few months thinking of nothing else and have literally worries myself sick!! This forum is amazing, the women are inspirational and the information and advice has really helped me. I went for a routine cervical smear in January and received results to say "borderline changes and HPV virus" therefore was referred for a colcoscopy a couple of weeks later. An agonising 2 weeks (I do consider myself lucky because a lot of women appear to have waited a lot longer!) I received results which read.......

"your biopsy has shown presence of cell changes called CIN3. This would be more consistent with severe changes as opposed to your smear which showed borderline changes. We will review the smears. In view of this severe abnormality in cells you will need treatment to this area and I am arranging an appointment for you to come to the colcoscopy clinic to have this done under GA"

followed by an appointment date. 

Following the further treatment (lletz) I received the results less than 2 weeks later to say the cells removed were CIN2....and i would need to return for another smear in 6 months (good news obviously!). The written information seems to be minimal but my  hospital have been great, there was always someone available for me to speak to. 

I don't know if any of this helps you or not (I've waffled a lot). I suppose what I'm saying is that I don't think my cells changed from borderline to severe in the space of 3/4 weeks. I guess the smear wasn't as accurate?! 

Try not to worry (easier said than done I know).

Take care x

I had a basic letter today after my colopsy saying we need to see you in clinic on 25th April no results or anything. I have been worrying and crying today xxx I have missed a call from the hospital will call them Monday but I'm so scared xxx