Biopsy results after colposcopy

Hi all,

I've had two abnormal smear tests, so was sent to colpscopy a month ago. When I received my smear results they just said abnormal and did not mention whether they were borderline changes, mild or moderate. It was only when I went to Colpscopy that I saw that they were mild for the first and borderline for the second. However at Colpscopy the dye showed up they were abnormal cells, so they sent a biopsy off. 

I got my results yesterday and I've got to have Cold Coagulation treatment, however the letter literally just says this. It does not tell me what type the cells are or whether I am HPV positive. I'm not sure if this is a Welsh thing and they don't tell you in the letter, or do I have to wait until my appointment to find out? Is it unreasonable for me to want to find out before I go, just so that I know. The appointment's not for a month so I think it might drive me crazy if I don't know what's going on. At colpscopy the nurse seemed to think it was unlikely I'd need treatment yet, so I think this is why I am a bit worried.

Thanks for ny help,

Vicki xx 

Hi Vicki

I also live in Wales so thought I'd let you know that when I received my biopsy results it told me specifically what they had found (CIN2) and told me I would need LLETZ and they would send another letter with a date for this.

With my original smear tests the first one I received said mild dyskaryosis, I went for another smear 6 months later and the results on that one just said abnormal cells.

From what I've read it seems to vary with how much depth they go into with results.  Maybe you should give the hospital a call and find out?


Kitty x