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Hi lovely ladies.
I had LLETZ treatment & biopsy last tuesday (two weeks ago) for servere dyskaryosis & high grade HPV. I have not heard any thing yet regarding my results of this… I am going out of my mind with high anxiety waiting for my results…its definitely the hardest part!

What is the waiting time for these type of results?
How long did you wait for yours?
… would i have heard by now if it was really bad as its been 2 weeks? (The 2 week pathway )?

Sending you lots of love, strength, hope & peace.


I had the LLETZ 23rd jan and heard back 2 days ago. I was told up to 8 weeks for results.
I actually had the biopsy last October and those results took like 9 weeks.
I know this isn’t the same for everyone though.

And in fact my results weren’t even proper results; it was just telling me they’re discussing at the next MDT meeting so I guess I’m still waiting, but I know it won’t be much longer now.

Hi @Gemsie34

LLETZ results generally take 4 weeks to come back sometimes sooner but sometimes it can be longer, the 2 week pathway is in regards to how quickly we are seen rather than how quickly we receive our test results… some have had their results within 2 weeks and had either good or bad result with others having to wait months for either result, unfortunately there isnt a general rule on a all diagnosis timeframes

I had CIN3 confirmed by punch biopsy, i didnt get my LLETZ results until 8 weeks later which just confirmed the CIN3 xx

Thank you for your reply @Tinkerbelle29.

With regards to the colposcopy consultant who done the LLETZ treatment & biopsy…if he/she had an indication that it could be cancer… could they request the results sooner rather than later though??


They can/will mark the sample as urgent if thats what they suspected potentially making it come back quicker, but there could still be a wait between them getting the results back and them reported them back to us xxx

I am so scared…:pleading_face:

I would of thought they would have a matter of urgency if the results came back to them with some thing serious.

I cant handle the waiting…
I have symptoms too… leg pains, slight back ache…
I am fearing the worst but hoping for the best

Xxxx @Tinkerbelle29

It would be, as soon as they get that confirmation they would inform us as soon they can… alot of the time the waiting around is them writing our results up or depending how many samples they have to go through there can be a delay, if they are writing results up it wouldnt be cancer

I had a 9 week wait between the punch biopsy confirming CIN3 and my LLETZ treatment, i fully convinced myself they were going to find cancer, i was experiencing alot of abnormal bleeding… the wait hadnt made a difference, luckily it was still at a precancer stage… alot of the times the symptoms we are experiencing are normally explained by something unrelated xxx


Xxx thank you for replying Xxx

I had my biopsy & LLETZ treatment all in the same day.

Where are you based? If you dont mind me asking…
I am south east kent. England. Xxx

I would give the colposcopy department a call, the receptionist wont be able to tell you the results they arnt trained too decipher them, but if the results are back they can tell you that at least, it could give you more of a timeframe of when you could get your results through

Not at all, im near sunderland, north east england xxx

Aw, @Gemsie34 I feel your anxiety - am in it myself. Everyone I’ve spoken to who’s been through a similar process, even if it was bad news, said that this was the absolute worst period… so know that what you’re feeling is normal!

I’m waiting on the results from the LLETZ, but unfortunately they also found a tumour hiding up by the cervix that hadn’t been visible in my normal colposcopys so there was an additional biopsy for that. So double the worry :frowning:

I guess my only advice is to allow yourself to feel things if you’re feeling things, tell people around you, and (it’s helping me at least) make sure you also know about all the more likely, minor things that could be going on with your body rather than just the less likely Big Thing :hugs:

Oh, and use this forum - it’s amazing!! :heart:

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It will be 6 weeks for the results this coming week. Not heard a thing. I had a biopsy originally then a month later had LLETZ for CIN2. I have had breakthrough bleeding for 5 days for some reason, think its because ive taken 2 of my combined pill strips back to back. Im hoping my results come through soon.

Hi @Gemsie34 . I too had a LLETZ last November, results came back CIN1 and a possible (??? possible??!!) focus of CIN2 and 3. However, take courage; even if you have results that come back as early grade cancer, at this stage, it is completely curable. The worst case scenario would be hysterectomy. In fact, I discovered last week that this is how they treat high grade cervical HPV in the States - takes away the problem without further need for worry.

So, think on other things, and just keep telling yourself even the C word is not the worst news in this case. :blush: :heart: :hugs:

I waited 2 weeks for my biopsy results, cant say about Lletz thiugh as twice theuve not been about to do the procedure because of complications. Praying for you, ive had another biopsy today instead of them doing the Lletz

Hi @DaisyRose , how is everything going for you? How did the mdt go? Xx