Biopsy Result - What does it mean?

Hi all,

Hope you are all doing well.  I got a letter from the hospital about my biopsy results.  It says that they "did not show any pre-cancerous change (inadequate specimen)" however I may require treatment still.

Are they saying that I do not have pre-cancerous cells or that because the specimen was inadequate they cannot tell?

Why can't they make things 100% clear? 


Hi sub, that does sound a little confusing and if I were you I would ring the clinic and ask them to explain what it means, i.e was the test clear or do they need to do it again because the specimen was inadequate. The clinic nurses are normally really helpful and will help put your mind at rest.

Hi Niki

Thanks for your reply.  Spoke to the nurse and it means that nothing abnormal was found in the specimen but it was large enough to say whether there is nothing abnormal going on in the whole area.  They will probably do Loop treatment when I go at the end of June

Thanks again