Biopsy result borderline?? what does that mean??

Hey everyone,

really confused, took a chance and called my GP if they received any results yet as still waiting for any letter with Biopsy results... the receptionist said that they had results back and it said "borderline speak to Doctor" ??? what does that mean?? my usual GP is not there until Monday, so I asked her if any of the other doctors could please call me :( she will ask them ... she said it didnt say anything else. I asked her to confirm it was regarding the biopsy results from 10th jan and she said yes.

What does borderline in relation to biopsy mean?? anyone had this? 

Really HATING this uncertain waiting game :( 

Thanks in advance xxx 

Might it mean that one of the margins had borderline changes on it? As they take out more than they need to so they can check if the margins are clear, so maybe there were some borderline cells on one of the margins? If this is the case, it might be that they leave it as sometimes these cells can go back to normal on their own. I am really just speculating, as I haven't had any experience of this. Let us know how you get on.

what do you mean by margins? i read margins somwhere before but dont really know what that means or relates to in biopsy terms? 

I had a call back from the GP receptionist who said she spoke to one of the doctors who said not to worry about it and to call the colposcopy clinic for the explaination of the results... so I called them this morning... surprise surprise they have no idea what the GP was on about because they havent had the results back yet?!?? but i did ask the receptionist if she was definately on about the biopsy from 10th Jan, she said yes. The colposcopy reception said they havent even sent a letter to the GP yet because they havent had anything back yet :( 

Wonder whats going on and hor much longer I have to wait to finally know whats going on! so frustrating :(