Biopsy procedure following coil extraction

I recently had to have a coil surgically removed and the surgeon uses a camera as standard.
During the procedure, he told me had had to take a biopsy, this procedure was done with no anaesthesia and was horrendous!
I asked wfh he had to do the biopsy and he replied it was because of my age (I’m 51)
I did mention to him before the procedure that I experienced a lot of pain when having sex.
I now have to wait up to 5 weeks for the result and it’s making me a little anxious.

Anyone else been through this?

I’m sorry you went through this :frowning: unfortunately, they always do cervical biopsies without any anesthetic; and yes, it is painful and barbaric. It’s shocking that women are expected to put up with this kind of treatment. He probably took a biopsy because he saw abnormal cells.

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