biopsy problems. scared (children mentioned)

Hi all.


First time using this site myself, had read your forums which has helped but also Scared me further.


Ok, I'm 24 with a 4 year old daughter.I had been experiencing irregular bleeding, basically I don't stop I bleed and then come off for a couple of days then I'm bleeding again. Bleed after sex. Also been having lower back pain. Which  was enough for the doctor  to give me a swear there and then.

2 weeks later I had a letter telling me i had high grade dyskaryosis and hpv. I  was booked in for a colposcopy. On the  day of the colposcopy i was told that the smear showed i was bordering cancer and if left it would have defiantly turned into CC.

I had a biopsy taken and loop exicion on the same day. 

i bled from day one. Then the bleeding stopped  and then i had cream/green/brown discharge and a foul smell. i went to the doctors who told me it was an infection and gave me antibiotics. the discharge disappeared as well as the smell so I assumed all is going well. However yesterday ( 17 days after biopsy) I suddenly started bleeding. Its a very heavy bleed and very dark red with bits of clotted blood.

i called the colposcopy unit who have booked me in for ANOTHER colposcopy for tomorrow morning.

Im 24 a mother and im petrified.

After reading alot of info on the internet and from this fabulous forum i noticed that other ladies  had a biopsy first to determine what cin they had. However the smear confirmed that i had CIN 3. So why take the biopsy if they knew i had CIN 3.

Has similar happened to anyone else? 


The loop excision is both a biopsy and treatment. In cases of suspected CIN1 or CIN2, they will take a punch biopsy first, to avoid overtreating with a loop biopsy/excision. In cases of CIN3 they tend just to go straight for the loop excision. This takes a biopsy of the area but also acts as a treatment of removing the affected area. They will then send that off to make sure the abnormalities have been completely removed.

Hope this helps.



Hi Conk90,



Sorry to hear that you had to go through all this and then end up with an infection in the end. I hope they can see what is causing all the issues tomorrow in your follow-up colposcopy. I am also happy your doctor was willing to give you a pap smear below 25, I personally think it is horrendous that the UK doesn’t provide pap smears earlier.


I actually asked my doctor your question last week. Of what is the difference between a pap smear CIN and a biopsy CIN result, she said that a pap smear is a semi non-invasive way to check for abnormalities and the biopsy is to do a more thorough examination of the abnormalities to get a better and deeper picture.


For example my friend was told she had CIN2 on her pap smear, however, when she had the biopsy it came back as CIN1. She still was successfully treated with LLETZ.


For me my pap smear came back saying CIS, CIN2 & CIN3. My biopsy came back only CIS and CIN3 with crypt involvement so I have to have a cone biopsy under GA rather than a LETZ treatment to get further inside the cervix. She said if they hadn't done the biopsy and just treated based on the pap smear with LLETZ I would not have had 'clear margins' and I would need to go in again for further treatment.


I was confused at the start as to why I was wasting my time going from one appointment to the other and what the pap smear even picked up! I hope this helped, I know it did me.


Fingers crossed for your appointment tomorrow x


Thank you for your replies ladies, it mwans alot.


Hi bahar

can i ask how you found out which strain of hpv you have. As i am dying to know what one/ones i have


Hi conk90,


I am actually in another country so there may be different standards of reporting here. I asked for a copy of the HPV dna test and it had a huge list of all types. All were negative but 16 positive. Maybe ask for your medical records? Or ask your doctor.


As per my report these are the high risk types of HPV 16,18,26,31,33,35,39,45,51,52,53,56,58,59,66,67,68,69,73,82. So there is at least 20 high risk strains so driving yourself mental trying to figure out alone is probably not going to do you good.


How did your follow up colposcopy go?