Biopsy pending after two weeks

I had a colposcopy done on November 27th 2019 and a cervical biopsy was taken. It will be two weeks tommorrow and my biopsy results are still pending. My nurse said she doesn’t know why it is taking so long because they usually come back within a week. How long did everyone’s take to come back and should I be worried? I looked online and read that if and when cancer is found they sometimes have to run more tests. My nurse said maybe the pathologists are collaborating to make a definite diagnosis…I just don’t know. I am so worried. I had a colposcopy done 12 years ago and the obgyn said everything was good and never took a biopsy…maybe this all could have been avoided if he did. Super stressed here just need some answers!!!

Hello, I had a colposcopy done on 15th November and a biopsy was taken.  I am still waiting for the results.  The nurse that performed the colposcopy said that results may take 2-4 weeks (whilst the NHS website says 4-8 weeks).  I know that the wait is agonising, but try not to worry.  Hope this helps!

 Just had mine done and had results 3 business days later.  

Hi iv had 5 Lletz treatments done in the last 18months and each biopsy result has taken 6-8 weeks to come back,I know the waiting is the worst part