Biopsy pain

Is it normal to feel pain for days after a biopsy? I had the procedure done on Tuesday and now its Friday and I've still got stomach pain and lower back pain.

Yeah I had aches & pains for few days after. i just took paracetomol as it was very similar to period pains I get x

Same here, sorry you're feeling it, Debs.

i took two painkillers for about three days afterwards.

If it feels like something more than bad cramps after a few days, check with your doctor. x

*internet hug*

Hi, yes it's perfectly normal we all heal and feel

things differently hopedullt over the next 

few days it will ease up for you xx

Just spent 3 hours down the walk in centre as, as well as the pain I started to feel sick too, and they've given me antibiotics as they think it's an infection.