Biopsy not matching colposcopy impression


I had a colposcopy 6 months ago. The colposcopist told me that it looked high grade to her (and I saw this aligned with what was visible on the screen). The biopsy came back CIN1 though, so it was agreed I would return in 6 months. I’ve now gone through this process again, colposcopist remains concerned it looks high grade still and took 3 biopsies, result returned CIN1 again so it’s going to be taken to MDT & I have to wait another month to hear the outcome of the MDT.

Does anyone have any experience of this situation and what options or ideas may be suggested by the MDT?

Thanks in advance for anything anyone may be able to add!

My understanding is that the grading is to do with the depth of tissue the abnormal cells are found in. CIN1 is abnormal cells found no deeper than 1 third of the cervix. So I’m not sure they would be able to grade it at the time of the colposcopy as it’s a visual examination of the surface of the cervix and this is why the biopsies were taken?

Its really horrible waiting, but it sounds encoring in that they have been thorough in taking more than one biopsy and that they have all come back as CIN1

I want to add my recent experience here…
I had a biopsy that showed CIN1 and then the LLETZ also showed CIN1. My smear showed high grade dyskariosis so an MDT was held and it was agreed to retest my cells from the LLETZ.

The retest came back as CIN2.

Personally I was happy I got the ‘CIN1’ LLETZ and I know it’s controversial to treat a low grade.

Any abnormal cells they show on my cervix I just want them gone.

Hope you’re ok


That’s really helpful to know, thank you for sharing your experience and for taking the time to reply :blush:

If they offer me a LLETZ I think i’d have it at this stage.