Biopsy had inflammation which does not need treatment result

Hi everyone, I got my result from my colposcopy today which stated the biopsy had inflammation which does not need treatment. I can go back to 3 yearly smears now which is great but it’s left me wondering why the inflammation and will it turn into cancer in the future. I have had HPV for 3 smears hence the need for the colposcopy. Has anyone had this result and can shed any more light on it?

Many thanks in advance…

Hey, I’m not sure about the inflammation but I thought smears are annual for anyone that tests HPV positive? I should add I live in Scotland so perhaps it’s different rules depending on where you live.

well I had the colposcopy because of the 3 years HPV+ in a row but I think because of the results it’s ok to go back to 3 yearly and hopefully kick HPV in the meantime.

Me too exactly the same but they investigated and don’t worry it’s good news x

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Hi Jojo are you able to elaborate? Did you get put back on 3 yearly smears? HPV+? Thank you

Do ask your GP what the inflammation is likely to be caused by; there are likely a whole number of things, but the report may actually say a little more, particularly if there’s anything bacterial. If it’s inflammation and not cell changes it’s not going to turn into cancer. The important thing is that you don’t have any abnormal cells.

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Thank you Jacks. To be honest the GP couldn’t advise. He said it’s good there are no cell changes but to contact the colposcopy centre instead. I’ll admit I never did only because I don’t think they could provide any further information. They said in the letter it didn’t need treatment but googling inflamed cervix all relates to pre cancer so it’s a bit confusing.

Only precancerous if the inflammation is due to abnormal cells. Otherwise it could be all sorts of things. Inflammation is normal picked up by visuals, and looking cannot tell what the state of the cell is. Sounds good to me. X

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