Biopsy fears


I finished treatment in Sep for 2a cc with a couple of pelvic nodes involved.

I had a check up pet scan last week and a node on my right groin showed up. My consultant wasn’t worry saying it didn’t fit a pattern of spread but she said they would discuss it at mdt to be complete.

She called today saying they want to biopsy it. She states she still thinks it is nothing but I’m freaking out. I don’t think I could this all again, not sure if this counts as same cancer or recurrence and not sure if I would even have treatment options.

Please help


Hi Kimmy,

So difficult for us not think the worse when we have a few twinges or something shows up on the scan.

i hope you don't have to wait too long for the biopsy.

At least it looks as if you have a good team on your side.

it could just be a small infection in that area and the node is inflamed as a result. It has happened to quite a few ladies on this forum over the years.

Big hugs,




Hi Naz

thanks for replying, it's comforting to know some ladies have had a similar situation and things have been ok. Just really struggling to cope just now. 

Hi Kimmy :-)

Follow-up exams can be terrifying in the extreme. You are under a microscope (literally) and they want to investigate every tiny little imperfection. Our bodies are extremely complex and all of us, whether we are fit and well or not have some little imperfection going on inside us most of the time. There are some women on this forum who do not have scans as part of their follow-up because their team regards it as too stressful, so you see, it's mostly just a matter of professional opinion. If it makes you feel any better, my first scan after treatment showed a thickening of the bladder wall so I was sent off to see a urologist who said it was nothing more exciting than a water infection. My second scan after treatment showed up something suspicious on my liver so I was sent off for an ultrasound and lo! It had disappeared. My third follow-up suggested that I might be pre-diabetic and I still have to keep an eye on that. So it wasn't until my fourth follow up, two full years after treatment that I received my first completely clean bill of health.

If your consultant isn't worried because it is not a normal pattern of spread then she is most likely correct. Of course they must biopsy it just to make sure, it would be reckless in the extreme to ignore it, there would be no point in follow-up scans if they were to do that, but try to calm yourself because the vast majority of these blips turn out to be nothing at all to worry about.

Be lucky :-)

I felt the same Kimmy whilst waiting for my results, I totally get it. 

I'd more worried if they weren't investigating it further but that's just me. 

I hope they don't keep you waiting long xx