Biopsy during colposcopy

So, I had my first smear  at 24 and half, showed 'evidence' of HVP and low grade cell changes. I'm in Spain at the moment so had to go to a private gynocologist. He did the colposcopy and made the descicion to take two biopsies and do a HPV test as he didn't feel the letter I recieved from the English doctor was clear.

He explained that the biopsy would show either High grade or low grade changes...but thats all.

What does this mean? Does this mean what he saw in the colposcopy was worse than my smear detected? Is this a bad sign? I'm confused.



I can't speak for common practise in Spain but here in England its pretty much common practise to either treatment or take biopsies during the colposcopy examination. I think its mostly just to confirm their findings and to treat appropriately. For low grade or CIN 1 they may well choose the watch and wait approach.

Did they give you a timescale on when your results will be back to out your mind at rest?



Dont worry!! I recieved the same letter saying low grade and hpv infection and they took three biopsy from me.. still waiting for the results.... the nurse told me not to worry and on closer inspection I have low grade or the next one up....  x

I think they take biopsies as a matter of course - certainly every post I've read here would seem to indicate that.   I would not read anything more into it than that - better to do the biopsies whilst they have you there and you can get a more accurate result.   I say that ...... I am waiting for mine as I only had my colposcopy last Monday !! 





Thanks All

How long is the wait for results in England on the NHS?

I only have to wait 10 - 12, thank god, as it's private