Biopsy concerns

Just had my colposcopy and a second opinion thinks it looks okay. However they have taken 3 pinch biopsy… has anyone had this that has then come back as cancer? I think I’m still concerned as I’ve still got bleeding and pains…

Hi Rachie,

I believe biopsies are often taken at colposcopy just to be on the safe side and check there’s nothing they missed on the camera. I had a colposcopy back in March and the nurse was quite confident I only had CIN1 (low-grade changes) present, but took one punch biopsy to be sure. CIN1 is normally left to hopefully go back to ‘normal’ as something like 60% of cases revert back to normal on their own. Unfortunately my biopsy wasn’t a sufficient sample so I had another colposcopy yesterday and the nurse took two punch biopsies that time. Again, she reassured me she was pretty sure she could only see CIN1 on the camera, but it’s always best to be sure, especially if they’ve got you there!

Hopefully that’s helpful, I am sure there will be cases where unfortunately cancer has been found via the biopsy, but from what I’ve read on here and from my experience the biopsies are normally taken so they can be sure your case is treated appropriately for the level of (or lack of) cell changes going on.

Sending you luck for quick and clear biopsy results back :blush: