Biopsy changes

Hey everyone,
So I’m panicking hugely.
I have had HPV for 4 consecutive years. I’ve had two biopsy, my most recent one (April thus year ) came back abnormalities but the said to come back in a year , I’ve since had a call saying that they were not happy with the result so have sent off and it’s actually reading much higher levels of abnormalities, they have said its in the 15% group as its on the outside and inside.
I have a appointment next week to see the next course of action , as they said its so high up that I’m likely to be needing general anesthetic .
I’m terrified as the nurse kept saying just make sure you bring someone along with you.

Had anyone else experienced this situation? If so please any advice I would so appreciate.

Hello :slight_smile: I don’t have personal experience with exactly what you wrote about, I’m assuming by the “inside and outside” you mean you have CIN and possibly glandular changes higher up in the cervical canal?

I’ve read a few ladies posts on here with the same results so I’m sure someone will come along and share their experience. I just wanted to say that your fear and worry is understandable and relatable to many people here.

On the positive side, you are now receiving treatment and care and will be on the up and up soon!

Hi Jackie
Thankyou so much for taking the time to reply ,
Yes they had said I have quite alot of abnormalities on the entrance and quite high into the cervix. They said it has likely been missed because it is high up so wouldn’t have been detected by the smear test.

I think I’m more panicked as I have two young children and I think everyone’s minds just go straight to the worst case scenario.

I hope somone will be able to share their situation if this has happened to them too :blush:

Thank you again x