Biopsy came back CIN2

I am 24 and just had a biopsy done after my pap came back abnormal. I was told I have CIN2 ( moderate dysplasia ). My doctor gave me the option to receive the leep procedure or come back for regular check ups every 6 months to see if it regresses. After all of the research I have done it seems as if most people who have CIN2 are not given the option and receive the leep . Should I get this taken care of now or will I be okay for 6 months? I do not want to take the chance of it progressing to cancer!


I have just had cold coagulation for CIN 2. I wasn't given the option to wait and I'm kind of glad! I know cold coagulation and leep are different with regards to procedure and healing etc i think it takes a little longer to heal from leep and LLETZ but I maybe wrong!

I am glad I had it done as it is a weight off my mind now! Got to go back for a smear in 6 months but hopefully that will be ok!

Charlene x


Must be hard having the options given to you as it puts you in a dilemma. 

I had lletz just under 2 weeks ago but didn't have the choice. They just gave me treatment there and then.

It's completely your choice but if it was me I would have the treatment rather than wait.

Like charlene stated it was a weight off her shoulders having chose the treatment. 

What ever you decide hope it all goes ok for you