biopsy at initial colposcopy



I had a colposcopy where they did another smear and a biopsy.  The results came back with severe abnormalities CIN3.  

I know this sounds obvious, but is this biopsy testing for cancer cells or is it testing for how far the CIN goes into the cervix?



Both. With any kind of biopsy, there is always a set catergory of things that they test for as standard. So, for example, with the cervix, they will test for both CIN/CGIN and cancer. If they find CIN3, then they automatically second test for cancer - it's very rigorous, so try not to worry. Also, cervical cancer cells are very distinctive and show up easily in the test that they do, so they won't have missed it if it was there. 

I hope this helps. :-) 

Annabel. x

Many thanks annabel. 

I had a colposcopy yesterday. Had a biopsy and cold coagulation. Doctor said not to worry about biopsy results as my problem had been treated and I would now go on to 6 monthly smears instead of 3 monthly smears as before. I found the treatment painless as had had cervix numbed but I still worry that those bad cells could come back.