Biopsy and leetz done cin 3

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Thanks everyone for sharing and caring everyday. Great support x just wondering on this. Had smear but couldn't detect so sent to colposcopy. Had biopsy done and results came back cin 3. Next appointment 4 weeks later had leetz treatment carried out... Currently going through the unpleasant discharge 4 days afterwards.. I didn't realise I had to await results if leetz now too!!? Can they be different to biopsy and worse?? I thought once leetz done that was it treated and just keep going for regular checkups in the coming months years.. Any more of you info would be great. Thanks and best wishes everyone..

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Same for me - waiting on results. My understanding is that the smear and colposcopy and even biopsy can't 100% guarantee that everything is fine, as after the treatment they can properly look at the cells to exclude possibility of cancer. 

Just wanted to say I’m in the same boat - had booispes done that showed CIN 3, so had to go back for LLETZ which I had last week (Wednesday). 

From what I’ve heard, they’re not usually in as muchoa hurry with the results letters after LLETZ, as they’ve usually generally removed it all so there’s no ‘rush’ (because most people don’t need to go back). Which doesn’t help us anxiously waiting, lol! 

The nurse who did my LLETZ was a bit abrupt but when I asked her about it potentially saying something different,  she said they ‘don’t ever expect it to come back with a different result to the biopsies’. 

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Hole you have recovered following your procedures!

When I was called in following the biopsy my surgeon explained that my result were discussed during the regular  surgeons' meeting and LLETZ was the recommended treatment option. He then explained the procedure itslef and how once the area is treated, that is it. 

Only in a few cases have they ever discovered something slightly different to what was expected.

In my case, during the biopsy there was a small area they couldn't see fully, but when  came to the LLETZ, it turned  out to be just fine.

As Memmaj said, they are not in a hurry because it is unlikely that anything is wrong at this stage, after your treatment.

My results took 4 weeks to arrive.



Hi All, I just got my Leep precedure results back and I cant understand a thing that its says.Have any one ever got a report like this.High-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion(HSIL,CIN11), focally present at endocervical margin. Ectocervical margin uninvolved by dysplasia..I talked with the nurse and I have a 2week follow-up and she stated the  doctor will clarify what it mean at appointment than I have a  followup  appointment in 6 months  for another pap smear..Just wondering did they get it all. I am a nervous wreck..I just want this to be over. My results took and week to come back.