Biopsy after LLETZ procedure

Hi everyone. Just new to the forum. I had been diagnosed with cin3 abnormalities after a recent smear. I had the cells rremoved yesterday by LLETZ procedure under general anaesthetic. All went ok. I'm just worried that the biopsy results might come back and show that the cin3 cells gave turned to cancer. I came home from the hospital yesterday feeling annoyed that I really wasnt given any information from my gynecologist prior to procedure and didn't see her after the procedure. I was seen my nursing staff to look after me. nursing staff were fantastic but I feel that medical staff have not given me much information at all about what may happen to cells in future, how I might feel after etc. I felt that I was just a number to the gynaecologist and I also felt like this when I went for my first appointment in coloscopy clinic. I'm not one for complaining and I have faith that she knows what she is doing but I just feel the lack of information is causing undue worry . Has anybody had similar experiences? 


northern ireland 

Hi Caroline,

Welcome to the forum. I am sorry that you feel you have been treated more like a number on a list than an individual human being. I think that these days it's quite a fine line that medical professionals have to walk. They have to see a certain number of cases per day and so can't necessarly sit and chat and comfort them as they might wish, because there is another individual human being waiting outside for the good doctor to reach their number on the list. During your LLETZ procedure cells were taken which will be sent off to a laboratory and tested. Only when the results come back from the lab will anybody be able to add any new and useful information to your case history, I don't believe that anybody would have been able to add anything useful with a fireside chat immediately following the LLETZ procedure. Now I'm sorry to say you probably have a hopefully-not-too-long-but-usually-quite-agonising wait for your results. I think I am right in saying that LLETZ fixes most people but you will likely be monitored closely for a while afterwards just to make sure.

I hope that helps. I know that having people poking around down there and having abnormalities can be a very distressing, undignified time, and that makes us even more emotionally vulnerable, but it should pass soon enough. I think that you are right not to complain and I am sure she knows very well what she is doing but if you feel the need for questions to be answered I'm sure you could call her office next week when you are hopefully feeling a bit more like yourself again.

Very best wishes


Thanks for that tiVoli. Really appreciate your support. Ive been feeling very low since I've had the lletz carried out on the 8th jan. is this normal with any other women? I have a history of depression and I'm on antidepressants so maybe that doesn't help either. My energy levels are still pretty low. Is that normal after lletz procedure? I had the lletz under general anaesthetic and that was my first time under general anaesthetic 



Hi Caroline,

The doctor who did my LLETZ rushed off without saying goodbye. I was so fainty and focused on the lovely, kind nurses, I didn't even notice!

After my LLETZ I was totally wiped out for two weeks. I was also tearful, low and anxious about going back to work. Some people seem to bounce back but even a week and a half later I sometimes felt it  was such an effort to hold my head up. You've also had a general anaesthetic, so take some time to recover. Quite a few of us felt rubbish for a time after a LLETZ so don't feel you have to be back to full perkiness so quickly. Be kind to yourself!

Hoping you feel better soon!

Kirsty xx

Hi Caroline

I had my LLETZ at colposcopy on 2nd Jan and have been feeling pretty low since.

My lovely husband has reiterated a few times that they only took a piece away the size of a fingertip, however, should such a chunk be removed from his personage I believe he would most probably infact suffer rather a lot for some time. 

Anyway, for a start I smell rank. I feel knackered all the time, but I think this must be my poor body going in to emergency mode to repair said fingertip sized chunk. Secondly I am massively stressed waiting for the results, and the bleeding is just a constant reminder.

I was the last appointment of the day (4.20) and they were obviously desperate to get home on the first Friday after the Christmas break. The Consultant was kind of reassuring but certainly was not willing to pledge his soul on me being totally fine. Most medics I know are incredibly jaded to human feeling, they see so much awful stuff that I think they forget the not-so-awful(yet?) can be draining emotionally too and forget their bedside manners.

What we all need is for someone to tell us with complete assurance that it will all be fine. For that, its the waiting game for that letter or that phone call. I know I will not be fine until I know either way.

Hope you feel better and get your results soon





Hi Suzysooz just read your comment on what your husban thinks of colposcopy i think if men had to go through this  stuff there would be an uproar they wouldn't put up with half of what we go through :(


I know! Don't worry I will make him suffer... :-)

he has been pretty good mostly but I think struggled with seeing me in a mess and not really knowing what to say or do.



Thanks girls for all your messages of support and advice.  Just one quick question.. I read recently that the contraceptive pill can be a contributing factor to cervical cancer.  Is this true?  I am on the pill and I was slightly worried after reading this .

I also have concerns about my ability to get pregnant.  From what Im reading, I think i should be ok to get pregnant following 1 x lletz procedure.  Im nearly turning 29 and currently single but my goal is to hopefully meet the right man to settle down with and hopefully have kids in the future.  can anybody provide any reasurrance regarding lletz and getting preganant?

Hi Caroline

Regarding the pill, I believe it does slightly increase your risk of CC. However, this could be in large due to the fact that most pill users probably use it as their sole source of contraceptive (so no barrier methods like condoms etc) and therefore a bit more likely to contract HPV? That is my take on it anyway. 

I don't believe LLETZ can cause any issues getting pregnant, it is just that occasionally if you have several procedures or a large area taken it can weaken your cervix. The cervix is essentially the traffic light for childbirth and only opens when you are ready to give birth. If it is particularly weak there can be a risk of pre-term labour and they sometimes have to put a stitch in it to keep it closed until baby is ready. It is a rare complication and they have to tell you about it before the procedure. In the same way that if you read your pill leaflet they have to list every single possible side effect, no matter how unlikely.

Good luck finding that prince charming :-)



Thanks a million suzzysooz. Your message has put my mind at ease. :). Really appreciate the forum on Jo's trust website. It's absolutely fantastic at supporting each other and sharing experiences :) xx


I am posting this on behalf of my sister. She's 28 and had her first smear. She was diagnosed with cin3. She was booked in for her Lletz treatment 6 days later and they told her the results could take up to 4 weeks. The doctor advised they were concerned that her cells may be cancerous or pre cancerous. My sister was so scared. We all were as a family. Today she had the dreaded phone call, her cells are not cancerous but she has got to go for a cone biopsy next week. She's experienced a lot of back and leg ache since the procedure but she is now so releived. I went with her to have the cells removed and I saw for myself how scary it is. But all I can say is please don't panic, I know that sounds impossible but the chance of the results coming back as cancerous is very low.  Xxx