Biopsy advice please

Hi I know I shouldn't be scared because the nurse said to me it wasnt cancer it was just a preventative but you just help but worry when it comes to this sort of stuff. Basically I had a colposcopy 4 years ago and I was given cream to use as treatment straight away, not much was said to me so I don't really know what was going on, I then had screenings ever 6 months then to 12 , 18 and finally back to three yearly. This was my first screening after been completely clear and it showed abnormalities again.


when I went to my colposcopy appointment they said it showed I had moderate pre cancerous cells so that's why I was called in, afterwards they said they wanted to do a biopsy but because things like that freak me out I was allowed to opt to be out to sleep to have it done.


i am currently waiting for my appointment to come through but I was so freaked out on the day I forgot to ask and wondered if anyone in the same situation could help explain.


will the biopsy just show different grades of abnormalities in which case they will pick a treatment to help prevent it or even at this stage is there still a chance it could come back as already being cervical cancer (or would this take longer to turn into cervical cancer)


i feel so sick especially being a young mom , and my youngest only 4 months.

I haven't actually had my colposcopy yet and I am certainly no expert but I can give you my 2ps worth. It is routine for them to want to take a biopsy; it does not mean something terrible is going on. The chances of the biopsy showing cancer would be very low; they are doing it to grade the abnormalities and decide if treatment is necessary (and perhaps how extensive the treatment would be? I am not sure on that though). The treatment would be to remove any dodgy cells that could, in the future, become cancerous. Equally, they may never become cancerous even if they're left to their own devices, but as an easy preventative treatment is available, they would want to do it. 

I am feeling similar anxiety myself as I've got a colposcopy next week after having an abnormal smear. I am very freaked out by medical things too, the blood-injection-injury type fear, plus worrying about the state of my health/what they will find! I have been prescribed some diazepam (Valium) and I am hoping that will make me chilled-out enough to go through colposcopy, biopsy and possible treatment all on the same day. I would like to get it over and done with, and general anaesthetic is an idea that makes me a little anxious too (only because I wouldn't like needles, etc., involved - it is not dangerous).

So I just wanted to send a bit of empathy your way. It sounds like what they want to do is very routine. Completely natural to feel worried though. I spoke to my GP about my worries and it helped me. Your GP should be happy to talk things through and reassure you. It sounds like you have not been given as much information as you could have been in the past, and I think that can fuel worry a little bit. Xx

Thank you so much for you reply , it has eased my worries so much. I was in such a state that day that they could have been telling me all this but I just freaked out, I wouldn't even confirm my ages at first as I just wanted to act like I wasn't even there lol. Well that's good to hear about the biopsy as I never knew much about it. Good luck with your colposcopy, mine were more comfortable than the screening , just slightly embarrassing sitting in the chair with a male doctor haha.


thank you again, I feel so much better